Institution of Doctoral candidacy and Post Graduate Course

NTU KHPI has INSTITUTION OF DOCTORAL CANDIDACY AND POST GRADUATE COURSE. This institution enrolls citizens of Ukraine and foreigners. The competent doctors and PhDs act as scientific managers and advisors.  The University departments have   15 special scientific councils in charge of defense of the doctorate and PhD degree.

The specialists of top qualification are trained both with and without interruption of work in physical-&-mathematical, chemical, technical, pedagogical, sociological and historical sciences; all in all in  69 specialties.

Physical -&-mathematical sciences

01.01.02   Differential equations

01.02.01 Theoretical mechanics

01.02.04. Mechanics of the strained solid body

01.04.01.Physics of devices, elements and  systems

01.04.03 Radio physics

01.04.07 Solid body physics

01.04.13. Physics of metals

01.05.02 Mathematical modeling and calculus methods.

 Chemical sciences

02.00.01 Inorganic chemistry

02.00.02 Analytic chemistry

02.00.03 Organic chemistry

02.00.04 Physical chemistry


Biological sciences

03.00.16 Ecology

03.00.20 Biotechnology

Technical sciences

05.01.02 Standardization, certification and metrological hardware.

05.02.02 Machine science

05.02.08 Technology of mechanical engineering

05.02.09 Dynamics and strength of machines

05.03.01 Processes of mechanical working, machine-tools and instruments

05.03.05 Pressurized forming operations and machines

05.05.03 Engines and power units

05.05.05 Hoisting and shifting machines

05.05.13 Machines and apparatuses for chemical productions

05.05.14. Refrigerating equipment, vacuum and compressor equipment, conditioning systems

05.05.16 Turbine machines and turbo-installations

05.05.17 Hydraulic machines and hydro-pneumosystems

05.09.01. Electric machines and apparatuses

05.09.03. Electroengineering complexes and systems

05.09.05 Theoretical electroengineering

05.09.12 Semiconductor-based electric energy converters

05.09.13 Strong electric and magnetic fields engineering

05.11.05 Devices and methods of measurement of the electric and magnetic values

05.11.13 Devices and methods of control

05.11.15 Metrology and metrological hardware

05.11.17 Medical devices and systems

05.12.02 Telecommunications, systems and networks

05.13.03 Control systems and processes

05.13.05 Computer systems and components

05.13.06 Information technologies

05.13.07. Control processes automation

05.14.02 Electric power stations, networks and systems

05.14.06 Engineering thermal physics

05.14.14 Thermal and nuclear power plants

05.16.01 Metal science and thermal treatment of metals

05.16.04 Foundry

05.17.01Technology of inorganic substances

05.17.03 Engineering electrochemistry

05.17.04 Technology of the products of organic synthesis

05.17.06 Technology of polymer and composite materials

05.17.07 Chemical technology of fuel and lubricants

05.17.08 Chemical technology processes and equipment

05.17.11 Technology for refractory nonmetallic materials

05.17.14Chemical materials resistance and corrosion prevention

05.18.05 Technology of sugary substances and fermentation products

05.18.06 Technology of fats, ether oils, perfumes and make-up products

05.22.07 Rolling stock of railroads and the trains traction force

20. 02.14. Armaments and military equipment

21.06.01. Anthropogenic State Security

Historical sciences

08.00.01 Economic theory and history of economic thought

08.00.03. Economics and economy management

08.00.04 Economics and enterprise management (according to the type of economic activity)

08.00.08 Money, finance and the credit

Pedagogical sciences

13.00.04. Theory and methods of professional education

19.00.03 Work psychology; engineering psychology

Sociological sciences

22.00.04 Economic sociology

Annually more than 60 employees of the University defend their doctorate thesis and PhD thesis.

The graduates of this  Institution work for the departments of NTU “KhPI” as teachers, scientific co-workers, managers of structural subdivisions as well as the leading specialists  at the enterprises, Institutions of higher education, scientific and financial institutions in Ukraine  and abroad.

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