Bussines and Finance Department

This department was founded in 2003. It gives training to students who want to be economists and managers, in particular, in specialties that are the most popular and promising under the market economy conditions. It has a modern intellectual base and logistics, broad contacts with other national and international institutions of education, companies and organizations and great opportunities for training outstanding experts. A computer centre of the department gives computer knowledge for the students and access to the International data banks; most major courses are taught using computer program packages. Foreign languages are intensively studied during the entire training course, which gives the best students an opportunity to participate in the international contacts of the department. This department supports broad international relations with leading institutions of education in Europe and in the USA. The students of the department continuously win international grants and simultaneously study at the prestigious universities of economics in the USA, Germany, France and Austria. This department manages and successfully develops the curriculum for mastering the English language. There is an agreement with Magdeburg University in the framework of which students’ exchange exists. To train the experts knowledgeable in management the department uses the experience gained by business schools of the foreign universities (Magdeburg University, Klagenfurt University, Central Higher Lyon School, University of Ohio State, Antwerp University RUCA). The leading specialists of this department manage the work of the international centres that operate at NTU “KhPI, in particular, joint Ukrainian and French Centre, “Ukrainian and American Centre”, “PERSPECTIVA” centre. Many students, post –graduate students and teachers participate in work carried out by these centres.


  • Finances and Credit (there is a preparation in English)
  • Management of foreign economic activity (the students are lectured in the English language)
  • Taxation
  • Management of Organizations (there is a preparation in English)
  • Sociology

Basic Subjects

Science of computers, mathematics for economists, theory of economics, economical statistics, sociology, economics of enterprises, industrial production management, theory of economic analysis, econometrics, economic evaluation of the engineering, managerial and commercial decisions, public finances, enterprise’s finances, money and credit, accounting, audit, management, marketing, international economics, investment management, innovation management, operation and strategy-related management.

Places for employment.

The graduates of this department work for foreign companies, joint Ukrainian- &-foreign companies, state-owned companies, JSC, private companies and firms, commercial structures and market infrastructure enterprises as managers, economists, financial analysts, production managers, business managers.
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