Electrical Enginnering Department

This faculty was founded in 1921. It provides training for electromechanical, electrical, electronic system, consumer product and biomedical engineers and researchers.


Electronic systems, devices and systems for non-destructive control, electrical machines and apparatus, automation of electric drive and electromechanical systems, laboratory and biomedical electronics, devices and systems of ecological monitoring, electrical household appliances.

Fields of Study

Analysis, design, automated production, diagnostic and repair of electrical and electronic machines including automatic and consumer electric devices; design, research, production, assembly and maintenance of low-voltage electrical devices functioning as power control and distribution units; design and operation of electric drives and their use for automation of industrial equipment, complex consumer and medical devices; development of devices and methods of non-destructive control for technical and medical diagnostics; development, design and production of transformers, microelectronics and microprocessor -based controls and information devices.

Basic Training Subjects

Physics, mathematics, theoretical basics of electrical engineering, electrical mechanics, power engineering and electrical measuring devices, material science, semiconductor engineering, computer-aided design (CAD) for electronic and electromechanical equipment, computer science and programming.

Specialised Training Subjects

Training in a speciality begins during the 3rd year of study. The list of specialised subjects is dependent upon the specialisation chosen by the student. Industrial electronics, theory of design and analysis of electric machines and equipment, control and diagnostic instruments for industrial, household and medical equipment, microprocessor-based devices and systems, control systems for robots and manipulators, mathematical modelling, economics, basic management, etc. are offered.

Practical Training

Conducted at Kharkov organizations and plants such as the Electrotiazhmash plant, the Kharkov Electromechanical plant, the JSC Ukrelectromash, the research and development institute “Electromash”, the design bureau “Electromachina”, the scientific industrial complex "Metrology", the JSC research and design NDIRV, etc.

Fields of Professional Activity

Factories and plants such as the design and research organisations for the instrument making, electronics and radio engineering industries; as designers and research engineers in the transport and agricultural industries; as testers of electromechanical equipment and automatic and electronic devices.
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