Faculties and departments

Automatics and Instrument-making Faculty

  • Automatics and control in technical systems
  • Information and measuring technologies and equipment
  • Radio-electronics
  • Theory of electric technology

Business and Finances Faculty

  • History of science and technology
  • Management and taxation
  • Finances and taxation

Guards Military Training Faculty

Engineering-and-Physical Faculty

  • Gas-and-hydromechanics and heat-mass exchange
  • Dynamics and durability of machines;
  • Applied mathematics
  • Control processes and systems
  • Resistance of materials
  • Theoretic mechanics

Faculty for Integral Training

  • Law
  • Philosophy
  • Ethics, esthetics and history of culture

Integrated Technologies and Chemical Engineering Faculty

  • Chemical technology systems automation and ecology monitoring
  • Integrated technologies, processes and devices
  • Technology of plastic mixtures
  • Chemical equipment and industrial ecology

Informatics and Management Faculty

  • Computer-aided management systems
  • Business foreign language and translation
  • Intellectual computer systems
  • Computer mathematics and mathematic modeling
  • Pedagogics and psychology of social systems management
  • System analysis and management
  • Strategic management
  • Physical education

Computer and Information Technologies Faculty

  • Video, audio and cinematographic equipment
  • Computer equipment and programming
  • Informatics and intellectual property
  • Information systems

Engineering Faculty

  • Higher mathematics
  • Hydro-and-pneumatic automation and hydraulic drive
  • Machine parts and applied mechanics
  • Integrated engineering technologies
  • Lifting and shifting machines and equipment
  • Engineering technology and metal-cutting machine-tools

International Education

  • Humanities
  • Natural sciences
  • Social and economic sciences
  • Foreigners’ Preparation Centre

Mechanics and Technology Faculty

  • Foundry
  • Material science
  • Descriptive geometry and graphics
  • Metal forming
  • Labour safety and environmental protection
  • Welding

German Technical Faculty

  • Foreign languages
  • Political history

Poltava Polytechnic College

Machine-Tool College

Inorganic Substances Technology Faculty

  • General and inorganic chemistry
  • Technical electrochemistry
  • Technology of ceramics, refractories, glass and enamels
  • Chemical technology of inorganic substances, catalysis and ecology

Organic Substances Technology Faculty

  • Biotechnology and analytic chemistry
  • Production of oil, gas and condensate
  • Organic synthesis and nanotechnologies
  • Organic chemistry, biochemistry and microbiology
  • Technology of fermentation and wine production
  • Technology of polymer and composite materials and coatings
  • Technology of fuel and carbon materials
  • Physical and colloid chemistry

Transport Engineering Faculty

  • Automobile and tractor construction
  • Internal combustion engines
  • Wheeled and crawler transport vehicles
  • Theory and systems of automated design of mechanisms and machines
  • Electric transport and diesel locomotive building

Applied Physics Faculty

  • Engineering electric physics
  • General and experimental physics
  • Theoretic and experimental physics
  • Technical cryo-physics
  • Physics of metals and semiconductors
  • Physical material sciences for electronics and solar power engineering

Centre for Distant and Pre-University Training

Centre for by-Correspondence and Distance Learning

Chernovtsy Faculty

Economic Informatics and Management Faculty

  • Computer monitoring and logistics
  • Intercultural communication and foreign language
  • Economic cybernetics and marketing management

Economics Faculty

  • General economics theory
  • Organization of production and personnel management
  • Economics and marketing
  • Economic analysis and accounting

Electrical Engineering Faculty

  • Automated electric-and-mechanical systems
  • General electrotechnics
  • Devices and methods for non-destructive control
  • Industrial and biomedical electronics
  • Electric machines
  • Electric apparatus

Electric Power Faculty

  • Power systems automation
  • Electric energy transfer
  • Power stations
  • Electric insulating and cable equipment

Power Engineering Faculty

  • Hydraulic machines
  • Steam generators building
  • Heating equipment and power efficient technology
  • Turbine-building
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