International Education Department

The major activity of the department is to provide educational services for foreign citizens.

The International education department provides :

  • Search (including abroad) for companies that legally recruit and select foreign citizens for studying in Ukraine and conclusion contracts with them.
  • Fabrication, execution and issuance of invitations for studying in Ukraine and visa support for foreign students.
  • Admission of foreign citizens for all types of education at the university, fabrication and issuance of orders, conclusion of contracts.
  • Admission of students for undergraduate study in accordance with chosen majors.
  • Registration of foreign students in Kharkov regional office of the
  • Ministry of internal affairs of Ukraine.
  • After completion of education the department issues diplomas of correspondent level (bachelor, specialist, master) and provides their legalization in the Ministry of foreign affairs of Ukraine.

The International education department includes :

    Department of natural sciences;
    Department of humanitarian sciences;
    Department of social and economic sciences.
The departments provide pre-university training (language courses) of foreign students in engineeringtechnical, economic, medical-biological and humanitarian fields towards obtaining legal certificates. Foreign students, who successfully completed pre-university training course, have possibility to enter our university as well as any other university in Ukraine. The warranty of high quality training of foreign students is qualification of teachers, their long-time experience of teaching and specially developed methodologies of training.

Center of training of foreign students.

The center provides administrative control over education of foreign students and fabrication of all necessary documents:
  • issuance of invitations for studying in Ukraine for foreign students;
  • conclusion of educational contracts;
  • registration of foreign students in Kharkov regional office of the Ministry of internal affairs of Ukraine;
  • administrative control over education of foreign students.

Training of foreign students at the uni versity has three stages :

    Pre-university training. Undergraduate education in accordance with chosen majors towards obtaining bachelor, specialist or master degrees. Further education with possibility of entering post-graduate and doctorate courses.


Foreign students stay in 3 separate student hostels in single, double and triple rooms. Hostels are equipped with reading halls, libraries, cafeterias, gyms.


My name is Sayed Mohhamed TAUHID Siddiki. I’m a citizen of People’s Republic of Bangladesh having the honour to present myself as one of foreigner who came from Bangladesh in former Soviet Union in 1988 in order to study according to the quota of free of charge teaching in line with Convenience with the Education Ministry of USSR. After completing the preparatory department of Kharkov Polytechnic Institute in 1989, I entered the Faculty of Automatics and Instrument Making where I studied at Computer Department on the specialty “Computer and Intellectual Systems and Network”. I would like to share my impressions and memoirs about my study at my native NTU “KhPI”. Since I decided to be educated in one of higher schools of the USSR, I sought to choose the best institute in order to implement my high-flying pit-run plans. I want to say that “KhPI” is one of the best, it offered me various and perspective training programs, as well as various possibilities to broaden the mind and the world-view. The studies at “KhPI” gave me much both in personal nature and in proficiency. I came to study because my dream and primary intent was and remain to become qualified scientist and engineer, expert on technical and technological programs of different branches of Bangladesh, to find the right direction in order to create the professional career in the field of technological processes, business technologies, as well as to establish my own joint business with Ukraine and other countries of the World. The well-defined organization of education, the excellent selection of highly qualified teachers all that permitted to obtain the necessary knowledge and impulse for further self-education. My everyday interest to psychology that brought me to student bench was implemented in carrying out of research work on scientific basis. As a consequence of this, I discovered new possibilities for selfactualization and professional promotion, as well as for scientific comprehension of surrounding processes and approaches to solve problems appearing during the realization of various projects.

The agreeable discovery was for me the fact that during my education I liked even those disciplines that weren’t of interest to me at school. I sense creative and personal development. I would like to express my gratitude to certain deans of Preparatory Centre for Foreign Citizens and to vice-rectors of NTU “KhPI” for good organization of educational process and benevolent attitude towards all foreigners. I would like to express my particular gratitude to my scientific adviser. Thanks to his professionalism and comprehension he could arouse in my human nature the greater urge towards knowledge. I’m very glad I can present myself as a graduate of NTU “KhPI”, one of the top-rated institutes of higher education and in the sequel I intend to familiarize Bangladesh with teaching system of this University. I wish my native University the progress, keeping of image and to remain among the best and leading in Ukraine, CIS, Europe and World.

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