Department for Integrated Technologies and Chemical engineering


  • equipment for chemical industry and construction materials companies,
  • equipment for food production and food processing industry,
  • ecology and environmental protection,
  • automated technological processes control,
  • computer-integrated technological processes and production,
  • chemical technology of high-molecular compounds,
  • chemical technology of processing polymer and compositional materials

Fields of Training:

Designing, operating and maintaining the machinery and equipment for the chemical and food industries, equipment for biological engineering, industrial ecology, environment protection and efficient use of natural resources, sanitary engineering ecology and environment control; automation of technological processes in the chemical, oil and gas industries, ecological control and monitoring; technology for production and processing of plastic resins and polymers intended for medical and biological purposes (tare and packages, electro-insulation and sealing materials, blood substitutes, materials for human body prosthesis, disposable syringes and other medical instruments).

Basic Subjects:

Physics, mathematics, chemistry, chemistry of monomers, chemistry and physics of high-molecular compounds, chemistry of biopolymers, theory of ecosystem stability, applied mechanics, processes and equipment for chemical production, electronics, computer programming, theoretical basics of modern ecologically friendly technologies, polymer synthesis and processing technologies. Informatics, computer science and programming, computer technologies, calculus mathematics and programming, standard technological equipment and production processes, energy-saving technologies, power engineering technology, energy technology of chemical processes, general chemical technology, general food production technology, electronic computer-based calculation and design of industrial discharges, electronic computer-based design of chemical equipment, mathematical modelling and using electronic computers for chemical technology, mathematical modelling and using electronic computers for biotechnologies.

Special Subjects:

A series of lectures in special subjects is defined by the students’ major, in particular standardisation and engineering measurements; research and design of chemical equipment and machines; methods of mathematical modelling: using CAD systems for design of structures, technological processes and systems; theory of reactors design, industrial ecology; geophysics and environmental monitoring; science of resources and resource efficiency; optimisation and control methods of technological processes; economics, production planning and management, technology of plastics and polymer composite materials; technology of medical and biological polymers; re-processing and re-use of plastics for industrial equipment and medical purposes, design of computer –integrated systems, multimedia equipment for contemporary technologies and automation of the business-processes. Identifying and modelling the technological objects; thermodynamics and heat technology, basics of energy and resource saving, engineering text and graphic information processing tools, non-traditional and renewable energy sources, closed –loop process cycles, information systems and units, methods of integration of the basic chemical-&-technological processes (pinch analysis), reliability and diagnostics of the heat engineering systems, computer-integrated energy-saving technologies, basics of power engineering management and audit, environmental economics, engineering tools for registration of economic figures, energy marketing, integration of heat processes into industry, software for the heat-and-power engineering processes integration methods, design and computation of heat exchange equipment, cooling processes and cooling equipment.

Practical Training:

Practical training is conducted at the Severodonetsk “Azot” works, at the Sumy production company “Khimprom” , at the Gorlovka “Stirol” production works, at the Kharkov and Slavjansk fat industrial centres, at the JSC “Polylak” and “Stoma” soda producing factory, at the Liisychansk soda plant, at the Crimean JSC ”Soda” , works for organic and petrochemical synthesis as well as at the branches of departments of the Ukrainian Research Institute for Chemical Engineering, at the scientific and production company “Carbonat” at the “Kharplastmass” works, NPO “Energostal”, UkrNDIGas, ASUTransGas, Giprostal works, sugar works, Kremenchug –based and Lisychansk-based VPS works, metturlagy works and by-product coke plants.

Places for employment:

The graduates of this department work for the chemical, petrochemical, gas, instrument-making, machine- building and other branches of industry operating the chemical production equipment and systems as well as developing and introducing the ecologically friendly technologies. These may be research institutions, design organizations and construction bureau, departments and sectors for ecology, metrology and power engineering. The graduates work as process engineers, automation engineers, process engineers for processing and using the plastic materials as well as the engineers knowledgeable in computer-integrated technologies and electric power managers.
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