The Department for computer and Information technologies

This department was established in 2002 and it provides training of the following specialists:
  • Bachelors in computer engineering, computer science, telecommunications and acoustoengineering.
  • Specialists in the following fields: computer systems and networks, system programming, specialized computer systems, intelligence-based decision making systems, intellectual property, telecommunication systems and networks; video-audio and cinetechnics.
  • Masters in the following fields: computer systems and networks, system programming, specialized computer systems, intellectual decision-making systems; intellectual property, consolidated information.
According to the chosen specialty the graduates are given qualification of systems analysts, engineers in the field of telecommunications, managers of intellectual property, managers of consolidated information.

Fields of training.

Computer engineering and programming, computerized and intellectual systems of management and diagnostics, information systems and networks, new information technologies and means of telecommunication, a patenting, licensing and information-related activity.

Basic Subjects

A series of physical and mathematical subjects, microprocessor technology and programming.

Special Subjects

The chosen specialization defines special subjects.

Computer systems and networks, diagnostics, design and maintenance of computer systems and networks, microprocessor and micro-computer based devices, control and diagnostics of computer-based equipment, data protection, software for local and global computer networks, computer graphics, expert systems, artificial intelligence systems, design and operation of special computer-based devices and systems, etc.

Practical Training

Practical training is provided by leading enterprises, design bureaus and scientific and research institutes of Ukraine including “Khartron”, “Komunar”, “Monolit” and others.

Fields of Professional Activity

Information and computer centers, public enterprises, joint ventures, banking companies, firms and companies using computers, new information technologies and means of telecommunication; radio-electronic and electrical engineering enterprises, research and design institutions and design bureaus.
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