Guards Department

GUARDS DEPARTMENT OF THE RED STAR ORDER OF THE NATIONAL TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY “KHARKIV POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE” NAMED AFTER VERHOVNA RADA OF UKRAINE was set up on October 1, 1944 and it performs training of military specialists for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


    - “Armament and military equipment”;
    - “Armament and equipment used by the troops to provide radiation, chemical and biological protection and ecological security”.

Basic disciplines:

A series of lectures in liberal and socio-economic subjects; science-related environmental protection issues and specialty-oriented training including theoretical mechanics, strength of materials, machine components, electrical equipment, technology of materials and material science, organic chemistry, crystal chemistry, colloidal chemistry and ecology technologies,

Special Subjects

Specialty-based training and practical work (special training is carried out according to the major chosen by a cadet). The sub-departments of this department have special-purpose classrooms and laboratories equipped with modern engineering equipment and computers.

Practical Training

Practical training is performed at the laboratories for practical training, educational center, at the military maintenance enterprises and during military service probation period in the Armed Forces.

Places for employment

Service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military units of the country holding the managerial and engineering positions.
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