Training and research class-cluster "Polytechnic-125"

November 25, 2009 National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnical Institute", the oldest technical university of Ukraine, and Industrial Group UPEC, one of the largest engineering companies in Ukraine, signed an agreement on the establishment of Educational Research and Production Complex (ERPC) "Tehnograd" and presented a number of joint projects, including computer modeling of physical and mechanical processes in complicated and extra- complicated mechanical systems.

The unique specialized training and research class-cluster "Polytechnic-125" have been opened in NTU "KPI" in these activities.

The establishment of this training and research class-cluster is a result of collaboration of NTU "KPI", UPEC, PTC (USA) and Pro/TECHNOLOGIES (Russia). This is the first project in a series of scientific and educational programs of ERPC "Tehnograd."

Created hardware and software complex is unique both characteristics, and purposes, and direction.

Cluster’s characteristics:

  • 64 processor cores;
  • 128 Gb RAM;
  • LinPack’s test productivity 0,5 Tflops.
  • further in 2010, a powerful 12-core calculator was established based on Xeon-processor with 48 Gb R/W memory.

The appointment of training and research class-cluster is working in two modes:

  • researching cluster;
  • training class.

The orientation of hardware and software complex is scientific support by a modern scientific developments on a global level, the development of unique specialized meta-systems for computer modeling of physical and mechanical processes in complicated and extra- complicated mechanical systems, integrating of domestic scientists scientific research with the most advanced computer technology, as well as direct introduction of these developments in the educational process, scientific research and production.

The presented developmentis are at a junction of the following strategic areas:

  • attraction of modern technologies and CAD/CAM/CAE-systems for complex tasks’ solution;
  • development of super-computer systems for operating with complex models;
  • training for proper scientific, educational and engineering personnel.

In NTU "KPI" all these factors are presenting and working:

  • modern systems Pro/ENGINEER, LS-DYNA, Siemens PLM etc. are installed;
  • unique computer class-cluster are created and started;
  • CAD-systems are included in the curriculum, and all students are studying them.

In addition, there is the 4th extremely important factor: the theoretical basis of integrating of modern computer technologies and scientific developments are developed and implemented in order to create specialized systems, knowledge bases and models complex.

Thus, in NTU "KPI" all 4 components are uniquely combined. There is no such combination anywhere in Ukraine. Although existing supercomputers are much more powerful, but they are universal and not specialized. In NTU "KPI" there are software packages and research teams, which are aimed at solving the problems of mechanics, mechanical engineering, energy and machine-building.

All this makes it possible to industrial enterprises, research institutes and design bureau in collaboration with the NTU "KPI" to solve major problems that can not afford other scientific and educational institutions:

  • conducting  outstanding research to the modeling of complex nonlinear processes;
  • training for engineering and scientific personnel on individual education programs;
  • promotion of the most promising computer systems on the market of Ukraine.

The great advantage is the ability to purchase and use of university licenses in wide range of software products.

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