New Information Technology Centre

Victor Shchetynin, Head of New Information Technology Centre

National Technical University «Kharkov Polytechnic Institute» was among the first institutions of higher education in Ukraine to efficiently use the contemporary information technologies in all the spheres of the university’s activity.

As of 2008 the university potential in the field of implementation of information technologies is characterized by the following performances:
  • the university has 3 thousand personal computers;
  • the telecommunication infrastructure of the university is based on the fiber-optic trunk channels and provides modern gigabit technologies. The total length of the fiber optic lines of the university network is 10 km;
  • the university network presents a corporate network, which unifies approximately 100 local faculties and departments located in 26 educational buildings. The local networks of 12 hostels are also connected to the University network;
  • the university network includes more than 1500 personal computers;
  • the university network has a 100Mb/s connection to the Kharkiv segment of the scientific and educational telecommunication network of Ukraine called URAN;
  • the North-western segment of URAN network that services approximately 20 institutions of science and education that form a single city educational and scientific network due to the available fiber optic communication lines operates at NTU «KHPI» starting from 1999;
  • presently, the university introduces the educational process automation system;
  • the University owns an ample amount of network information resources of a different purpose, in particular, educational and monitoring programs, distance courses, official web-site of the University (www.kpi., topical web-sites, forums, etc.
The Center for New Information Technologies that functions as a technical coordinator of the entire scope of work related to the informatization of the University is in charge of technical aspects, in particular:
  • developing, keeping and circulating the appropriate software, information and methodical tools of informatization;
  • coordinating the work done to develop the automation systems that support the activities of the university in all possible spheres;
  • saving various databases and knowledge in different subject areas;
  • protecting the university network information from unauthorized access;
  • designing, constructing and ensuring operation of the local computational networks of the University and unifying them into a single University network connected to the global networks;
  • introducing the distance form of education;
  • training and raising the skills of the academics with regard to the new information technologies;
  • managing the maintenance of the means of informatization that are available at the University.
To do the above scope of work the Center for New Information Technologies has the following laboratories:
  • laboratory for global computer networks that provides Internet services for NTU «KhPI» and services the regional hub of the educational -&-scientific network of Ukraine (URAN);
  • laboratory for local computer networks; it is involved in design, construction and operation of the local computer network of the University;
  • laboratory for information retrieval systems; it develops and administrates its own information Internet resources;
  • laboratory for applied software; it develops, administrates and supports the application programs that service educational process and administrative and economical departments of the University;
  • problem Laboratory for distance educational and methodical developments in the field of distance learning;
  • laboratory for new educational technologies is involved in developing the educational and testing programs;
  • center for distance education is in charge of implementation of the distance form of education at the University.
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