The National Museum of history which was awarded this honored title in 1981 is 30 years old. It was opened on December 29, 1972. Its first director was Larysa Ivanovna Zmyeva. It has already been headed for 25 years since 1978 by Vera Vladimirovna Akimova, who is an experienced and professional museum worker, a participant of the Great Partiotic war, an intelligent and sociable person. On the whole our museum always had a luck with its staff. These people like the work they do and give their heart and sole to it. The chief stock custodian is Angelina Veonorovna Ignatchenko and the technical secretary is Vera Andreyevna Pirozhkova.

That's a custom among us that the leadership of our institution has always been solicitous and sympathetic to our museum. They understood and understand that exactly here the students and teachers touch history of the Polytechnical university and become its alive eye-witnesses apprehending emotionally each invaluable exhibit. This helps them to feel their belonging to the big living organism which is called KhPI. Our museum always had only one purpose, that is to bring up the feeling of proud in students for their technical educational institution on the examples of the former polytechnical students.

Every working day of the museum workers is full of ordinary at first sight but very important efforts "to continue the link of times" to keep the memory of generations. Over the years of their work these people had collected hundreds of rare and unique manuscripts, books written in different time by different people who multiplied the fame of the great Kharkov Polytechnical university. Those people are as follows: twice hero of the socialist labor, winner of the Lenin and State Prize of the Ukrainian SSR, academician of the academy of sciences, well -known aircraft designer A.G. Ivchenko, hero of the Soviet Union, ad hoc correspondent of "Pravda" newspaper S.A. Borzenko, hero of the socialist labor, four times laureate of the Government prize of the USSR, a prominent soviet tank designer Josef Kotin and many others. A wonderful supplement to the museum exposition makes a portrait gallery presented by 86 prominent scientists and more than 100 laureates of the Government Prize in the field of science and technology (many of them work for the university even today) and the bust of the founder and the first director of the institute, prof. V.L. Kirpichev. A very great value presents the rich material collected about scientific schools that were founded at the institute and obtained recognition abroad.

Everything is here of great interest - the scientific and technical achievements of great scientists and the materials describing their personal life. Where else could you learn that P.M. Mukhachev, one of the first rectors of KhPI, was painting not worse than the venerable artists. If you know such a place then tell us, please. One more prominent figure is Gnat Khotkevich, a well -known composer, artist, historian and ethnographer who wrote more than 200 stories, novels, the critical literature and fine-art essays, when being a student he composed classic compositions of folk music (printed music is kept with the museum). Later on he became a founder of the first amateur Ukrainian theatre at KhTI. Probably, you don't know that due to the historical documents available at our museum the writers V.P. Plachinda and A.A. Chekanov wrote the memorable books, which describe the fate of our honorable first rector V.L. Kirpichov and an outstanding scholar and professor N.D.Pilchikov.

In 1985 the museum was subjected to drastic reconstruction according to the project offered by a member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine, N.I. Glushich. A lot of new documents and things have been added to the exposition.

It's impossible to describe or even to mention all the displays and relics that are kept with our museum, the stock makes up about nine thousand displays, 2000 of them are the originals. We believe that there is even no need to do that. Just come here and see everything with your own eyes. Nevertheless, some displays should be definitely mentioned here. For example, a record of Livitan voice who made the order of the commander-in-chief Stalin on seizure of Kharkov and Berlin public. The sets of documents and awards of the outstanding scientists -polytechnics, former rectors of KhPI- a hero of the Socialist Labor, professor M.F. Semko, professors N.F. Kirkach and Y.T. Kostenko, twice laureate of the Government Prize, laureate of the Lenin Prize Professor I.V. Ryshkov, a hero of the Socialist Labor, laureate of the Government Prize of the USSR, academician V.I. Atroshchenko, laureate of the Government Prize prof. L.S. Palatnik and many other prominent men.

Recently NTU "KhPI" celebrated its 115 anniversary. To commemorate this date the department for political history issued a series of historical books and the books that describe the achievements of our polytechnical University. The workers of museum rendered great assistance in picking up the material which has not been published somewhere else so far. Every year the first-year students come here together with their lecturers to gain some insight to the university they have entered. After two hours of the interesting and lucid narration of the guide some heads of the departments give here the student cards to their students.


Many students use the historical documents of the museum for writing their abstracts and reports on the history of their university and then they deliver speeches at the seminars and scientific conferences.

At the seminar of employees of the Kharkov museums which was held two years ago much was said about education of the engineers of the third millennium who should be not only good specialists but also intellectually wealthy and highly cultured people. To our great regret the academics complain very often that the students, to put it mildly, don't know the history of their native country. Very often we see very surprised and inquisitive looks of the first-year students and hear their spontaneous exclamations " What!? Is that true indeed?"

Thus, the excursions are the so-called visible part of the work done, but who can measure the less visible every day routine work of the employees of our museum! Annually they have to add something new to the collection of the displays and to arrange excursions. Only over the last two years more than eight thousand people visited our museum, among them 1.5 thousand foreigners. The collaborates of museum are always ready to render methodical assistance to their colleagues (some of them work here on probation), they also select materials for competitors and post-graduate students in specialty of "History of science and engineering" to make the films about L.M. Matsiyevich, L.B. Krasin, N.D. Polchakov, G. Khotkevich (television and film studios "A book of Kharkov records", "First capital", "UT-1", "Inter"). The library of our university and our newspaper "Polytechnik" cooperate very closely with this small but very united collective.

The veterans of the Great Patriotic war and the graduates of different years come here very often both on business and just to have a talk. These people like to visit the subject exhibitions that are regularly arranged here. The collaborators of the museum do a search work together with the students. Only over the last three years the names of 7 students who died during the Word War II and whose fate was unknown so far have been discovered, the surnames of 6 graduates who became the Heroes of the Soviet Union have been established. Receiving backing from the veteran organizations of the university and Kiev district the collaborators of the museum participate in the arrangements for celebration of the Victory Day and Day of the Defenders of Motherland.

Now a few words about awards. In 1989 our museum became a winner of the All-union parade of the museums of higher educational institutions and was awarded a diploma. In 1995 the board of rectors in the city of Kharkov, the regional committee of the trade -union organization of the employees in the sphere of education and science and the board of the municipal organization of veterans of Ukraine awarded the museum with the diploma of the first degree.

Over the 30 years of its existence the museum of the history of NTU "KhPI" has been visited by about 110 thousand people, these are guests not only from Ukraine but also from abroad. Just agree that this figure is an impressive one. From time to time the materials appear in different popular scientific editions, whose authors are the collaborators of the Museum of History of NTU "KhPI". These are a digest of scientific papers "Retaining the monuments of science and technology in the museums "history, experience, perspectives", "Bulletin of the Ukrainian society for protection of the monuments of history and culture", materials of the first All-Ukrainian scientific and practical conference "Ukrainian technical museum: history, experience, perspective" and other popular editions. The collaborators of our museum are often invited to deliver speeches on the radio and television.

Once during a regular excursion one of the students said with proud: "Great, this professor had been giving lectures to us. One day I will tell this story to my kids". Probably his future children will come to our museum themselves. They will have something to look at!

Many long years to you, our museum of the glorious and rich in events history.

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