The NTU “KhPI” Video Centre

The NTU “KhPI” Video Centre (KhPI Film Studio until 1992) started its activities in autumn 1957.

In 1957 the KhPI graduate Vladimir Zubar, one of the most talented participants of amateur students performances, returned to his KhPI from the Plant “KhEMZ” to set up a Film Studio. An initiative team came together with Vladimir, it consisted of: Ye. Shorokh, V.Malinov, M.Chopenko, Yu.Fayner and others.

In that time nobody in Kharkiv had a complete film process…Step by step the Studio workers arranged everything necessary for creation of videos on the 35mm film – filming, film development, post synchronizing, editing, multiproduction, etc.

Soon a group of students wishing to participate in the Film Studio’s activities gathered. The first documentary film “We Are On Virgin Soil” was made in 1958, and then a live-action film “”The Last Leaf” or “The Last Page”. In 1961 the Studio workers became the correspondents of all-Soviet newsreel “Fitil” (“Wick”) due to the journalistic film “Get Off the Way”.

Since 1959 the Film Studio and the film laboratory has been functioning together and production of learning films has been arranged.

Vladimir Zubar involved into the work on films his friends in amateur performances, who was very active in their students years at the KhPI. Among them there were those who afterwards became professional film figures, such as: A.Inin, V.Fokin, V.Kharchenko. Since 1965 Arkadiy Faustov devoted himself to the work at the Film Studio. He became the Studio Chief – Vladimir Zubar handed on the baton. In the same year all these talented polytechnicians made a legendary film “KVN”.

In the end of the 60s, the KhPI Film Studio became a people’s one both by its form and content as students found there their second home. Since 1968 the Studio regularly enrolled students and taught them basics of stage arts, director’s, cameraman’s and actor’s skills and competences. The guys were given an opportunity to participate in the filming and to make films themselves.

According to the words of Vladimir Zubar: “Faustov became the “motor” and the soul of the team consisted of many talented lovers of the cinema art, many of which afterwards became famous professionals – directors, actors, cameramen, television workers. Among them there even was an Oscar holder!

In 1974 the KhPI Film Studio was given a title of National Film Studio due to its outstanding creative achievements.

Most of the Studio workers do not interrupt their connection with the Film Studio, a lot of people became its workers. A couple of persons from the first enrollment are still working here.

Arkadiy Faustov, the film-director, scriptwriter, the Chief, that is called by the team a “teacher”, had been working at the KhPI Film Studio, which in the 90s was rearranged into a Video Centre, till 2009.

The overall amount of films made by the amateur Film Studio is about 120. It was awarded a lot of diplomas and prizes in various competitions, won the prize places and received diplomas at the USSR and international festivals.

The Studio “KhPI-Film” made films in all genres: chronicle, documentary, live-action, learning films, it made a breakthrough in electronic animation. Lets remember some of films: “Polytechnic: years, events, people…” “This famous T-34”, “The Road of Cognition”, “Our Polytechnic (University)”, “The Cat-n-Mouse Game”, “Training and Sports Complex of the KhPI”, “The Festival’s Dairy”, “Please Show, We Are Interested”, “Eindruke”, “Gaming Designing”, animated cartoons “The New Route”, “The Boomerang”.

The amateur Film Studio has been creating highly professional production.

In 90s many HEIs could not preserve their film studios, but the NTU “KhPI” is still living and creating.

Today the NTU “KhPI” Video Centre is famous for its learning and documentary films and reels, its products are used at presentations, exhibitions, conferences and discussions where the University involved.

The present Chief Edward Tikhenko is striving for bringing the NTU “KhPI” Video Centre up to the up-to-date and highly technological level.

In 2010 the process of Video Centre information and resource-and-technical bases was started, a channel of the Video Centre was created on the website.

In 2011 at the support of the “Ukrcomintel” Ltd. A website was created; it is set aside for allocating informational and learning video films as well as for development and introduction of new information technologies into the educational process of the NTU “KhPI”.

A fruitful tradition of the KhPI Film Studio – studies with students and pupils, their engagement to the arts – is being kept on.

In 2007 a Festival of Youth’s Creativity “Space & Culture”, where Kharkiv creative youth every year presents its video films created under a supervision of Art Studio “Astra”, International Child Physical Laboratory of the NTU “KhPI” and the NTU “KhPI” Video Centre, was established.

Our University always has been developing not only the scientific potential and professional skills, but also art and creative talents of its students.

For more than 50 years, film and video chronicle of the KhPI has been kept. This heritage is being carefully kept and enriched by the Video Centre for future generations of polytechnic students!

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