Scientific and Research Work


The scientific and technical activities of the National Technical University «Kharkiv Polytechnical Institute» are supported and funded under the Law of the Ukraine «About Higher Education». NTU «KhPI» is an integrated educational and scientific system, which includes educational divisions (faculties), scientific laboratories and scientific groups associated with various departments and faculties, as well as affiliated educational and scientific complexes. Scientists working at NTU «KhPI» continue the traditions of the University by developing and enlarging the scientific achievements of their predecessors and creating scientific schools well known throughout Ukraine and internationally. There are 25 such schools in the University today. The most notable of these are schools which focus their efforts on the physics of metals, metal working high technologies, turbine building, internal combustion engines, machines dynamics and strengths, electric drive, ceramics and composite materials, food fat synthesis, associated nitrogen technologies, heat and mass exchange, geo-space research, high voltage technologies and tank building.

The scientific potential of the National technical University is based on a staff which includes more than 160 Doctors of Science and Professors, about 800 Candidates of Science and Associate Professors, and 430 researchers working for their PhD and doctors thesis. Fundamental research done by the University provides the basis for the development of new strategic lines for scientific and technical progress in advanced and promising industries in Ukraine. The integration of science and education - whereby new academic specialties are continuously opened on the basis of evolving new scientific discoveries and directions – is the basis on which NTU «KhPI» continues to develop.

Cumulative new scientific knowledge thereby becomes the basis for the formation of new specialties supporting the priority requirements of the national economy. During the last ten years seven new faculties and fifteen departments have been created in the University and twenty-five new specialties have been opened.

The unity of the educational and scientific process has always been and continues to be the main principle of the university activity. The students are given the unique opportunity to obtain the skills of a scientist -researcher in a large scientific center presented by NTU «KhPI». A compulsory involvement of graduate students in the paid research work is an inseparable part of the research process 100% students who study for the Master’s degree do scientific research and 50% students-specialists write scientific diploma papers.25to 30% of bachelors papers are also research-related. Thus, about five thousand University students are annually involved in scientific research.
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