Красные корпуса НТУ ХПИ В НТУ ХПИ обучение ведётся по 96 специальностям на 24 основных факультетах НТУ ХПИ готовит специалистов по образовательно-квалификационным уровням бакалавр, специалист и магистр НТУ ХПИ - один из ведущих научно-учебных комплексов системы высшего образования Украины Научно-техническая библиотека университета имеет фонд, насчитывающий более 2 миллионов томов НТУ ХПИ имеет спортивно-оздоровительный комплекс СТУДЕНЧЕСКИЙ на берегу Чёрного моря Обсерватория института ионосферы НТУ ХПИ является Национальным достоянием Украины Институт Молния НТУ ХПИ - признанная а Украине и за её пределами научная школа техники и физики высоких напряжений Спорткомплекс НТУ ХПИ отмечен Государственной премией в области архитектуры

Microsoft representatives visited the NTU “KhPI”

They discussed the main areas of cooperation and usage the means of information technologies in the educational process. The university is open to innovations due to its comprehensive and systematic approach to the education process”, - says the head of the Microsoft Ukraine Department for the Educational Establishments Olga Svyrydenko.

High Tech Evolution

On the 17th of May an exhibition called “ Hi Tech Evolution” took place at the Computer and Technology College of Kharkiv. It was a part of the worldwide action “Museums Night”. More than 3000 visitors had an opportunity to see how the technical culture of the city comes out of laboratories and workshops and its creative developments become visible with an unaided eye

Conference in Cross-Cultural Communication

On the 13th of May the annual students’ conference in cross-cultural communication took place at the university Department for Cross-Cultural Communication and Foreign Language. Third year students of the Business and Finance Faculty made presentations on the various topics concerning cross-cultural conflicts and differences between cultures that must be observed in order to avoid such conflicts

Scientific Students’ Conference at the Department for International Education

The Annual Conference for International Students took place at the Department for International Education (DIE).Students from Germany, Morocco, Lebanon, India, Vietnam, Iran, Azerbaijan,Turkmenistan and Ivory Coast from different Kharkiv universities as well as graduates of the DIE, who continue studying at special faculties, made reports and their presented academic achievements.

New Opportunities for Ukrainian Business at the European Union Market Were Discussed at the NTU "KhPI"

The International Business Centre initiated a practical seminar "New Opportunities for Business at the European Union Market". Its aim was to give its participants (representatives of small and middle-scaled business) a brief examination of opportunities and several peculiarities of entering the EU market which arises due to the cancellation of customs duties for Ukrainian exporters by the EU memb more