Красные корпуса НТУ ХПИ В НТУ ХПИ обучение ведётся по 96 специальностям на 24 основных факультетах НТУ ХПИ готовит специалистов по образовательно-квалификационным уровням бакалавр, специалист и магистр НТУ ХПИ - один из ведущих научно-учебных комплексов системы высшего образования Украины Научно-техническая библиотека университета имеет фонд, насчитывающий более 2 миллионов томов НТУ ХПИ имеет спортивно-оздоровительный комплекс СТУДЕНЧЕСКИЙ на берегу Чёрного моря Обсерватория института ионосферы НТУ ХПИ является Национальным достоянием Украины Институт Молния НТУ ХПИ - признанная а Украине и за её пределами научная школа техники и физики высоких напряжений Спорткомплекс НТУ ХПИ отмечен Государственной премией в области архитектуры

Intellectual competition “Mind Games: Endorphins’ Brain Attack”

When the summer approaches, students feel themselves less restricted and have a great desire to postpone their scholar activities and to tackle something less formal. One these activities is an intellectual competition “Mind Games: Endorphins’ Brain Attack”, organized by the Students’ Alliance. 8 teams took part in this event, challenging their mind potential to win the university cup

Scientific researchers of the NTU “KHPI” were awarded the Prize of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine for young scientists

They conducted research into the scope of physicochemical aspects of production of functional coating for materials. They also suggested a set of technical decisions that have a high potential to be implemented in machinery industry and solved tasks connected with tungsten alloys recycling and its usage in new materials.These technical decisions will allow to build ecology friendly production

The NTU “KhPI” students won the VIII International contest of student’s advertizing and PR projects “Golden Compass 2014”

They presented in public their idea of a web-service “Lipo” that will allow local citizens to get the information about all of the city events. It will be an online platform, where the event organizers and potential visitors will meet and find the actual information about each other. Among the contest jury members were journalist marketing, public relations and business specialists from Ukraine

Delegation of Iraq Embassy visited NTU “KhPI”

On the 4th of March the delegation of Iraq Embassy headed by the Ambassador Zina Madhad Mohammd visited the NTU “KhPI”. more 

Study visit of the NTU “KhPI” Students to the University of Bradford

On the 7th of February a group of NTU“KhPI” students came back from the study visit at the University of Bradford (England) where they took part in the long-term programme of the International organization TEMPUS: “Innovation Laboratories:using an open innovation learning platform & action research in enterprise education in order to enhance the engagement & innovative capabilities of Universities more