International activity

NTU “KhPI” is among the universities that signed Magna Charter Universitatum and it is a member of the most prestigious international associations, in particular (European University Association), Black Sea Region Universities Network (BSUN) and Eurasia Association of Universities (EAU).

NTU “KhPI” concluded bilateral cooperation agreements with 138 universities and companies from 35 countries of the world.

The University works on eleven double-diploma programs with higher institutions of education in Germany, France, Poland, Switzerland, Austria, South Korea, Czech Republic, Russia and Bulgaria.

Starting from 2015 NTU “KhPI” has been a participant of the European “Erasmus+KA1” program (academic/credit mobility) intended for the development of higher education in cooperation with the higher institutions of education in Germany, Austria, France, Poland, Slovenia, Greece, and Lithuania that provides an opportunity for many students, post-graduate students, teachers and employees of the University to go to the above countries to study, take training courses and deliver lectures.

Annually more than 300 scientific associates, teachers, students and post-graduate students of the University go abroad for different educational and scientific purposes.

More than 25 years ago NTU “KhPI” set up the summer school on initiative of Alpen-Adria Klagenfurt University to study German. This school is financed by the Austrian Ministry of Education.

Annually, the students of NTU “KhPI” are given an opportunity to go abroad to take the courses of practical training in Poland, Hungary and Bulgaria.

The German Engineering Department (nowadays it is called the German Center) has been working since 2003.  This department gives an intense training for those who are keen on German. Some lectures are delivered by the teachers from Germany and Austria; the students have annually an opportunity to take courses given by the German Institutions of Higher Education.

The Kharkiv Politech actively participates in international projects. Today it participates in 35 educational projects and 12 research projects. NTU “KPI takes first place in Ukraine as for the amount of realized European TEMPUS Projects (27 projects).

The university cooperates in the field of science and technology with such world-known companies as Samsung, OPTEC (the sole partner Carl ZeissAG), “Boeing”, “LG ELECTRONICS INC”, IBM, ALFA-LAVAL, etc.)

Annually, NTU “KPI” holds more than 30 international conferences and seminars, in which many students and post-graduate students take an active part in addition to well-known scientists.

The University has one of the best sporting centers in Ukraine. Our students are provided with ample opportunity to go in for sports and they participate in the most popular international contests. The students from NTU “KhPI” do come out on top and become the prize winners of European and World Championships; they also participate in Olympic Games.


Vice-rector for Scientific-and-Pedagogical Work (International Relations)
Khrypunov Gennadiy Semenovych
Tel: +38 (057) 706-32-16

International Relations Department
Head of the International Relations Department
Goncharov Oleksandr Andriyovych
Tel: + 38 (057) 706-32-28

International Education Faculty
Dean of International Education Faculty
Kudiy Dmitry Anatolievich
Tel: +38(057) 707-63-16,