European educational scientific technological center

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The European Educational Scientific Technological Center (EESTC) of  NTU “KhPI” has been operating since 2020 under the leadership of Olena SLIPCHENKO.

The purpose of the EESTC is to ensure the implementation of the strategy “From a research technical university to a world-class scientific and educational complex”. The work of the European Educational Scientific Technological Center is aimed at integrating NTU “KhPI” into the European Research Area (ERA) through the comprehensive development of relations between the scientific and academic communities and European countries in the field of education and science. Facilitating the participation of researchers of NTU “KhPI” in research projects, internships, scientific exchanges, joint work in higher education and research institutions in Europe will provide scientific results that will strengthen the scientific potential of NTU “KhPI”.

Educational orientation of the center:

  • Assistance in advanced training of postgraduate students, doctoral students, doctors of sciences, professors through active encouragement to European programs.
  • Promotion of the expansion of available forms of mobility of students and graduate students of the university.
  • Initiation and comprehensive support for the implementation of educational projects for the development of cooperation in the field of education.

Scientific orientation of the center:

  • Work with joint European research projects.
  • Coordination of researchers’ participation in international research programs, mobility programs, internships in research structures and enterprises of European countries.
  • Formation of commercial proposals for the implementation of scientific results and promotion of investment in innovative research projects.
  • Popularization of the system of the European Research Area among researchers, graduate students, students and lecturers of NTU “KhPI”.
  • Creation of scientific groups in relevant research areas.

Olena Slipchenko
Ph.D., Senior Researcher, Director of the European Educational Scientific Technological Center


Ukraine, Kharkiv, 61002, Kyrpychova str. 2, NTU “KhPI”, office 27
Telephone: +38 (057) 7076203