Higher education is based on human development and society progress as well as guarantees individual development, promotes the forming of the intellectual, spiritual and production potential of society. State development, structural transformation at macro- and microeconomic levels should be united with the modernization of the education to meet the needs and cravings of people, especially young people as well as to set new system of social values in the field of both public and private sectors.

The task of the high school as social institute is to promote professional self-realization of the individual by training him in professional interaction with the environment.

Keeping of the main principles of the Bologna process, implementing ECTS in the learning process, gaining experience in students mobility organization using main ECTS documents during university study of the students of other higher education institutions as well as organizing the learning process applying module approach indicate the right way that was chosen.

Gained experience of development and implementation of the new generation of curricula for bachelor study, implementing a new list of specialities for Specialist and Master preparation kept Educational and Methodical Board reviewing the scheme of preparation of specialists as well as accepting schemes ‘Bachelor’ – ‘Specialist’, ‘Bachelor’ – ‘Master’.

Recognition of the new scheme of preparation of specialists forced to amend term and content of the training. Bachelor and Master curricula approved in April 2011 will come into force from 1st of September 2011/2012 academic year.

Improvement of specialists preparation, implementation of the strategic task – integration into European and world educational structure – cause the necessity to modernize the structure of the educational and methodological work administration in the university.

Due to this fact the main field of the Board’s work is the providing of high-quality preparation of students by implementation of:

  • quality education system;
  • rating system of the work of university’s scientific and pedagogic staff
  • rating system of students progress;
  • monitoring of knowledge level, skills and competences of the students of all cycles of compulsory and optional subjects which are obligatory to be considered at the meeting of Academic Council of the university.

NTU “KhPI” is one of the leading higher education institutions which define the strategy of the specialists preparation, economical and technical policy in Ukraine. And its alumni will always have profound fundamental and professional preparation, effusive humanist and moral world-view as well as they will be the real specialists of the 3d millennium having the sense of responsibility for the results of their activities.