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Prof., Dr.Eng.Sc. Roman Zaitsev Head of The Department

Prof., Dr.Eng.Sc. Roman Zaitsev

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The Micro- and Nanoelectronics Department (MNE) was founded in 1988 by Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Borys Boyko. It was the first department that graduate specialists in the field of solar energy. Many years of experience in intensive research and close cooperation between pedagogical and researcher personnel with leading developers of electronic and solar energy equipment on the base of semiconductor compositions have led to the creation in NTU “KhPI” Scientific School for the Development of Physical Foundations of Modern Materials Science for film layers and layered heterosystems based on semiconductor compositions that provide high reliability, durability and efficiency of modern electronic and solar energy products.

In the framework of international cooperation, the MNE Department researchers took an active part in the scientific program INTAS 94-3998 “High-efficiency thin-film solar cells based on chalcogenide semiconductors” (1995-1997) in collaboration with such leading scientific institutions as the Center National de la Recherbora Scienti Electrochimic et de Chimic Analytique, Paris, France; Cjmplutense University, Faculty of Physics, Madrid, Spain. The MNE Department has been cooperating with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich since 1997 within the framework of international partnership in 1997-1998 the department for 18 months took an active part in the project SNS-CEEC/NIS IP Project 7IPO5129 “Thin film solar cells based on semiconductor compounds” (1997-1998).

In 1997-1999 the researchers of MNE department took an active part in the international program INTAS 96-0206 “Production by activation methods of thin films of chalcopyrites and solar cells”. The coordinator of the project was the University of Stuttgart (Germany).

From 2009 to 2011 researchers of MNE department successfully carried out the international project of the Ukrainian Scientific and Technological Center “Development of laboratory technology for the production of flexible solar cells based on cadmium telluride.”

After 2015, the researchers of MNE Department participated in 3 international projects under the Erasmus+ mobility program, in which the staff visited the University of Western Bohemia in Plzen, the University of Poznan Polytechnic in Poznan and the University of Western Attica in Athens.

Department has a multi-year experience in the field of:

  • development of constructive and technological solutions for solar cell manufacturing, including flexible solar cells;
  • production of semiconductor compounds for thin-film solar cells by physical and chemical methods;
  • development of measurement and automation systems of solar cell parameters;
  • thermal solar collectors;
  • vacuum technologies of thin-film solar cell production;
  • chemical/electrochemical technologies of semiconductor compound production, functional coatings, etc.

Head of the Department
Prof., Dr.Eng.Sc. Roman Zaitsev
Email: roman.zaitsev@khpi.edu.ua

Qualifications and Areas of Specialization

Qualifications and Areas of Specialization

Micro and Nanosystem Technology

The objects of study and activities of professionals in the area of micro- and nano system engineering are:

  • physical processes and phenomena which give grounds for the functioning of micro- and nanosystems;
  • material properties of micro- and nanoelectronics, technical processes, working principle of electronic components, typical patterns of functional devices
  • materials and technologies for manufacturing electronic devices, micro- and nanosystem engineering of different application, including physical, solar energetic and biomedical;
  • computation engineering and application software for calculating parameters, characteristics and simulating products of micro- and nanosystem engineering.