Admission Procedure

Once the partner HEI (higher education institution) sends us your nomination letter, our responsible person for incoming students, contact you concerning steps for being accepted as a student at our university.

Step 1

Сomplete and send Us the scan copies of following documents for Invitation Letter:

  1. Filled Student Application Form (you could find it here )
  2. Scan copy of valid personal document
  3. Transcript of Records original (must be in English). Should you are fifth-year student school-leaving certificate is also necessary

After getting above-mentioned documents we will be able to provide you with the Invitation Letter for your visa.

Step 2.   Apply for visa.

Step 3.   Upon your arrival, please, also prepare:

  1. Valid personal document (must be translated into Ukrainian and notarized), 2 copies
  2. Valid Visa
  3. School Leaving Certificate (must be legalized in your country and translated into Ukrainian)
  4. Transcript of Records (must be legalized in your country and translated into Ukrainian)
  5. 2 photos

Step 4.   Each incoming foreign student, coming for study more than 3 months, has to apply for Resident Card:

Required documents for Resident Card:

  1. Valid personal document (translated into Ukrainian and notarized)
  2. Health Insurance with stamp and signature, translated into Ukrainian
  3. 8 photos 3*4

In total you have to present:
Valid personal document (translated into Ukrainian and notarized) -2 copies
2. Valid Visa
3.Health Insurance for all period of staying in Ukraine
KEEP IN MIND! In case you purchase Health Insurance in your country, it must be in original version with stamp and signature. NO SCANNED COPY!) + translated into Ukrainian with a stamp of translator!!!

4. Transcript of Records legalized and translated into Ukrainian with a stamp of translator.
5. School leaving Certificate (in English and legalized in your country). In Ukraine you should translate it into Ukrainian with a stamp of translator.
6. Photos – 14

Before you leave 

Once the student has completed all their courses and know the results of their exams, he should fill in the Examination sheet with all the courses that are to be included in the recognition outcomes. It should include the title of the course, the number of ECTS credits, the local grade, the name and the signature of the teacher, stamp and signature of the Faculty Coordinator and be delivered to the International Office contact person for incoming students.

Examination sheets not including the information mentioned above will not be accepted.

On the basis of the above-mentioned examination sheet, a responsible person at the International Office will fill out the section

AFTER THE MOBILITY of the student’s Learning Agreement.
The end date of the student’s study period is calculated as follows: last examination date + max two weeks added upon student’s request (it concerns the end date which will be written on student’s attendance certificates and their LAs).