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Lobova Inna Oleksandrivna Head of The Department

Lobova Inna Oleksandrivna

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About Department

About the department.

The department was founded in 2021 as part  creating Educational and Scientific Medical Institute of NTU “KhPI”.

Priority areas of the department.

Together with partners at the production bases of modern medical and production technologies, implementation and improvement.

Development of the concept of partnerships with employers to correlate the theoretical training of applicants for postgraduate education with the practical aspects of the state activities  and other subjects of the medical services market.

Educational process optimization, improving the quality of practical training of applicants.

Our work with students

Based on the department, training is conducted remotely (Google Meet, Zoom, Moodle), in a mixed or face-to-face format, depending on the level of danger during the COVID-19 pandemic

Postgraduate education.

Training is provided:

-Specialization in the specialty “Organization and management of health care”.

-Traineeship in the specialty “Organization and management of health care”.

Cycles of thematic perfectibility:

-“Optimization of the use of resources of treatment and prevention facilities in order to improve the quality of medical care”.

-“Regulatory regulation of health care facilities”.

Medical work.

The staff of the department provides medical and preventive care to the population.

New medical technologies are being developed and introduced.

Scientific work.

Competitive research work implementation commissioned by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Annual holding of scientific and practical conferences at the department.

Implementation of the research results  in the work of  primary medical and preventive institutions, medical and preventive institutions of the city of  Kharkiv, Kharkiv region, and other regions of Ukraine.

Publication of monographs, articles and abstracts in domestic and foreign scientific journals.

Reporting at scientific and practical forums, congresses, symposiums of various levels – university, regional, international.

Creative activity: preparation of patents for inventions, copyright certificates, rationalization proposals.

Preparation of young scientists for participation in conferences, scientific competitions in Ukraine and abroad.

Continuous professional development by the scientific and pedagogical staff of the department in other universities of Ukraine.

Methodical work.

The material and technical equipment of the department meet the standards and requirements for the departments of higher educational medical institutions of III-IV accreditation levels.

The department has fully available textbooks, guidelines for academic disciplines taught at the department, and developed curricula.

The department has a highly qualified  academic and teaching staff that ensures the educational process at a high level.

Work on preparing  of textbooks, manuals, monographs, methodical recommendations is constantly carried out.

The methodological and material-technical base is constantly being strengthened

International activities.

Work in the direction of international grant activities.

Establishing cooperation with leading partner universities, research institutions to implement joint scientific and cultural-educational projects.