International Education Faculty

International Education Faculty booklet

Welcome to the International Education Faculty (IEF) of National Technical University «Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute» NTU («KhPI»)!

The International Education Faculty prepares international students for the education at the universities in Ukraine and offers a challenging program in a nurturing environment, with small classes, individual attention, and outstanding teachers as our hallmarks. A traditional and structured, yet creative curriculum, serves a range of diverse students within a family-like environment. The International Education Faculty creates an atmosphere of academic excellence, as we seek to instill students with a love of learning and provide sound preparation for higher education.

The International Education Faculty encourages positive attitudes, fosters leadership and consistently reinforces the values and standards of responsible behaviour. By working together, teachers and students strive to engender self-confidence and guide students toward their highest potential. Students who face challenges with enthusiasm, a faculty that nurtures their growth and teachers, who support the many facets of students’ life join in forming the family that is the International Education Faculty.

The International Education Faculty offers different types of programs: multi-week, semester, or full year. We also offer summer language classes. By having a variety of program options, the International Education Faculty offers all students the opportunity to take the full slate of courses or to pick up extra credits in core subjects through a schedule that is convenient and easy to schedule.

The International Education Faculty is a premier destination for international students from different countries around the world. We help prepare students for higher education in Ukraine for their choosing.

The International Education Faculty offers a full regular curriculum in Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Sciences, Technical Drawing, Ecology, History, Economics, Culture, Russian and Ukrainian languages that will ensure students meet and exceed their academic goals and find places in the Universities and Colleges of their choosing. In fact, our Faculty guarantees entry to Ukrainian universities without exams.

The International Education Faculty has an excellent track record: all of our students have been accepted to the universities of their choice!

In previous years, the International Education Faculty has been host to international students from Austria, Georgia, China, Vietnam, different Arabic and African countries. However, our Faculty is excited to expand its international student body while continuing to offer a world class education.

International student services

For international students, the decision to leave home and travel to a new country can be quite intimidating. However, at the International Education Faculty we help make the transition as smooth as possible. The following is a list of student services we offer to international students:

  • Visa and Document Services.
  • Pick up and drop-off at the airport.
  • Help find homestay.
  • Help find medical service.

Additionally, the International Education Faculty offers international students social programs and activate to help them acclimate themselves to their new environment, make friends, and experience the beautiful new country they are visiting. At the International Education Faculty we organize at least one social event every month and large field trips at holiday time. The social events include extra-curricular activity: students’ conferences and performances, meetings, competitions, sporting events, visiting different universities, enterprises and cultural places and landmarks in Kharkiv. The large field trips include visiting some beautiful places in Ukraine, such as Crimea, Lviv, Odessa and many others.

Why the International Education Faculty at NTU «KhPI»?

Deciding to become an international student can be a difficult decision, however there are many benefits to pursuing an education in Kharkiv, including:

  • International experience.
  • Meet friends in internationally universities.
  • Learn Russian/Ukrainian languages through real life experience and homestay.
  • Opportunity to travel and experience Ukrainian culture, with a feeling of safety and security.

In today’s global career market, individuals with international education have a very strong advantage. Here, at the International Education Faculty we help individuals develop into globally oriented Scientists, Mathematicians, Engineers, Medicines, and Business oriented individuals. We look forward to have the opportunity to play a role in your child’s education, and prepare them for a successful life and career.

The staff of the International Education Faculty are highly trained, experienced, and focused on delivering outstanding academic programs. The International Education Faculty has a family-oriented, nurturing environment where all students feel safe and cared for. Our main goal is to help students find themselves, both from an educational point of view, as well as become stronger individuals mentally and emotionally.

Our multicultural faculty population provides the same stimulating environment our students will experience later on in University life, and later in the real world.

Teachers at the International Education Faculty have a great spectrum of knowledge and a passion to deliver it. We teach and guide our students as they carve a fine road to success. We believe that a teacher’s main goal is to provide individualized attention, which will allow students to conquer any obstacles they encounter on they journeys through life. In order to ensure this, our teachers are trained and experienced in teaching multicultural classrooms through differentiated instruction, with a strong focus on multiple intelligences.

Our Faculty offers students an enriched academic program to university entrance. Our goals are challenge and motivate each student to reach her or his full potential, both academically and emotionally. Our balanced curriculum helps prepare students for university and beyond and they mature into well-round citizens, life-long learners, and leaders within their professional way. Our curriculum is fully integrated using cutting edge technology and computer-based teaching exercises.

The International Education Faculty’s curriculum is built on the foundation of four core subjects: Russian/Ukrainian languages, Maths, Computing and History. With these four subjects as a foundation, our curriculum then expands to include other necessary subjects. These include, but are not limited to: Physics, Chemistry, Technical Drawing, Ecology, and Economics…

At the International Education Faculty , we ensure that our students are given the tools and resources they need to learn. Students develop their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills as well as their grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and idioms and refresh or obtain their knowledge in Maths and Computing, Physics and Chemistry, Technical Drawing and History, Ecology, and Economics.

Our Faculty is proud to have very experienced teachers with the highest level of education.

Our goals

To provide a comprehensive and challenging curriculum.

To provide a supportive environment in which students develop competence in academic and creative endeavours.

To encourage self-discipline, self-respect, social responsibility and the characteristics of leadership.

To encourage critical and creative thinking.

To challenge each student to realize and reach his/her full potential.

To prepare each student for his/her secondary school experience.

Our philosophy

Success for each student

The International Education Faculty believes that each student has the ability to succeed as long as the student is given the proper opportunity and resources. We offer small class sizes and individual teacher time for each student. Education and learning are unique for every student, which is why at the International Education Faculty our students enjoy small classes and a low teacher to student ratio. This combination provides an ideal learning environment where each student is free to develop self esteem and confidence in their learning. This also allows each teacher to create individualized lesson plans for each student that will allow each student to advance at their own pace. This keeps students enthusiastic, motivated, and eager to learn. The International Education Faculty believes that every student should have the opportunity to pursue higher education and works to ensure that each and every student achieves their educational goals.

Global thinking

In our rigorously developing world we must think globally. A careful analysis of many areas of study would reveal that there exists much interconnection and overlap. The beauty of knowing how to spot these similarities gives us the opportunity to see the world in a different light, which in turn allows us to solve difficult problems and make tough decisions. Hence, we teach our students to see the patterns, connections, and similarities in everything they pursue. This results in a more complete and profound understanding of topics covered in class and their application to the real world. To achieve this multifaceted goal, we designed programs that stem from the students’ interest, and integrate knowledge across the different strands of the curriculum. The result is a carefully designed program where problem solving, brilliancy, creativity, and academic excellence are fostered.

Programs and Prices

The International Education Faculty offers a high school diploma program. The department functions through a semestered curriculum. Students may register to study at 10 month program (begins in September) which allows students to gain the knowledge which are necessary to be admitted to a post-secondary institution.

The tuition of this program is 1500$.

Facilities and Location

The International Education Faculty is located in the center of Kharkiv. Our Faculty is a short commute from historical and fascinating Kharkiv landmarks and destinations. Our premium location offers students a multitude of activities and areas of the city to explore.

Our accommodation program provides international students with opportunity to live in the university hostels in a comfortable and safe environment. Living in the hostels costs range from 80$ to 100$ per month, depending upon the students’ requests and choices.

Registration and enrolment

Please read the list below and carefully follow each step. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us and we will be happy to offer the support and assistance that you require.


  • Review this brochure and other important information about National Technical University «Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute» at our website:
  • Call or E-mail with any questions you may have about National Technical University «Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute» or enrolment procedure: E-mail:
  • Prepare all necessary documents, such as:
  1. the original document about secondary education with a translation into the Ukrainian or Russian languages with the list of subjects and the received marks (points);
  2. the document about negative result of AIDS infection;
  3. the medical health certificate, assured by official body of health care of your country and received not later, than in two months prior to entry into Ukraine;
  4. copy of the birth certificate;
  5. 6 photographs with size of 40×60 mm;
  6. the return ticket with open date of returning home and validity period of one year;
  7. the original of your passport.

Documents 1, 3 and 4 should be certified according to the legislation of the country of their delivery and are legalized in accordance with the established procedure.

  • Send your order about receiving the invitation for education by E-mail:

Our contact information:

The dean — candidate of technical science, assistant professor Tyupa Igor Vasyl’ovych

The dean’s office of the Faculty is: NTU «KhPI», Engineering building, 3rd floor.

Address and phones: International Education Faculty of NTU «KhPI»

21, Frunze St., Kharkiv, Ukraine, 61002.

Phone/ Fax: +38-057-707-6316


Vice dean — candidate of technical science, assistant professor Gavrylyuk Yuri Romanovych.

Address and phones: 5a, Vesnina St., International Education Faculty of NTU «KhPI», Kharkiv, Ukraine, 61023.

Phone/Fax: +38-057-704-1617.

Rules and Regulations

At the International Education Faculty we understand that in order to maintain an optimal educational environment, certain rules and regulations need to be enforced. We believe that students who are held to a high standard today are best prepared to face the challenges that await them in university and their future carriers.

The following is the list of rules and regulations, the International Education Faculty enforces:

Students must exhibit appropriate behavior at all times. Violence and offensive language will not be tolerated.

No smoking on the Faculty property.

No cell phones in class.

Attendance: Students must notify the Faculty in advance of any absence.