The Students of the Kharkov Polytechnic University Underwent a Training Course in Germany

Fifteen students from the Department for Transport Mechanical Engineering of the National Technical University “Kharkov Polytechnic Institute” participated in the students’ training course that was held throughout the period of July 5 to 16, 2015 in the city of Stuttgart, Germany.

The training course was arranged by the Department for Structural Mechanics of Stuttgart University that gives training to the students defending their bachelor’s and master’s degrees in engineering sciences. The basic subjects that are taught to the students by the above department are related to the mechanics and numerical investigation methods (linear and nonlinear finite element methods, numerical methods, computer simulation, mechanics, etc.). The Department for Computer-Aided Design and Theory of Mechanisms and Machines at which the above students study is also involved in these areas of research.

The project Studienpraktikum 2015 Kharkiw» (DAAD Projekt ID: 57194684) was prepared by the joint efforts of the employees of both universities, in particular Anna Schoyble  and Anton Tkachuk (Stuttgart) and the associate professor Aleksandr Martynenko (Kharkov) . The project manager was Prof. Manfred Bischhof (Stuttgart).  

The main objective of the training course was to give lectures and practical training to students right in the computer class with a complete set of the licensed software (Maple, ANSYS, LS-Dyna) necessary for a contemporary engineer. Based on lectures and the research done by the Department for Structural Mechanics a special program was developed to familiarize in detail the students from Kharkov Polytechnic University with the contemporary problems of the simulation modeling.

The students were lectured on up-to-date approaches, problem statement and numerical methods used for isogeometric finite elements (FE), based on the rational B-splines, Hertzian problem solution, determination of intrinsic frequencies and the mode shape using the finite-element method. At the end of the training course the students realized and defended their research group projects using ANSYS Software to consolidate their knowledge acquired during their lessons.

The training course also included excursions related to the subject matter studied at the Department for Computer-Aided Design and Theory of Mechanisms and Machines. At the Faingen Campus of Stuttgart University the group visited the Institute for High-Speed Computations, Biomechanics Department and the Laboratory for Composite Materials of the Aircraft Construction Institute.

To familiarize the students with the educational system of FRG A. Nategi, an assistant of the Department for Mechanics held a seminar on International Master’s Degree Program COMMAS, the prospects of the postgraduate education in English at Stuttgart University and he made a short review of his graduate thesis as an example of the qualifying papers written by the students of the University.

The excursions arranged to familiarize the students with the German Industry were informative and of great interest. The group visited Mercedes Benz in Sindelfingen, and the offices of IT RIB and Dynamore companies.  


An opportunity to participate in the training course was provided by the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD within the bounds of the grant program intended for the familiarization tours of student teams to Germany. Such tours serve the following purposes:

  • Acquiring knowledge and professional skills while attending lectures
  • Carrying out experimental tests and doing practical work using the laboratory equipment
  • Familiarizing with the  arrangement of the educational system in Germany
  • Holding meetings with German students and scientists to share the gained experience.
  • Establishing contacts that are of professional interest for students
  • Acquiring country-specific knowledge of Germany