NTU “KhPI” is the only university in Ukraine which is a partner of University of Occupational Safety Management in Poland

On the 11-th of February at the National Technical university “Kharkov Polytechnic Institute” was held a reception of the delegation WSZOP – University of Occupational Safety Management in Katowice (Poland).

Małgorzata Sykorska – the Chancellor of University in Katowice and Klaudia Tyrala – representative of the Rector in questions of international cooperation met with deans, heads of departments and students, and also held a presentation of educational programs WSZOP. Find the presentation on the following link: prezentacja_2D_zamknieta.pptx (4,92 mb)

Then, in the Rector’s Cabinet, there were signed two agreements – on the cooperation and the launching to double degrees’ program between NTU “KhPI” and University of Occupational Safety Management in Katowice.

“Integration of educational and scientific space must give real results, both for our university, and for University of Occupational Safety Management in Katowice. In that case the opportunity for students and graduate students trainings, academic mobility and getting double degrees are very important aspects. Such agreements gives an ability to improve practical orientation of our students’ preparation on modern European level”, – said the Rector of NTU “KhPI”, Professor Sokol E.I.

According to him, the Head of the Department of Occupational Health and the Environment of NTU “KhPI” Prof. Vyacheslav Berezutskyy, initiator of the International Olympiad on labor protection and this made it possible to obtain effective communication with the European educational community, which led to the signing of such a agreement.

NTU “KhPI” – is the first university that fits to our profile, because we are very interested in research in those areas, which also develops your university: health and safety, labor protection, chemistry, etc.

In addition, we have very good relations with the Academy for Occupational Health and Safety in Dresden, Germany, which deals with occupational safety and health in Germany, and we hope that Ukrainian students who come to us to study under our agreement, that we have signed today, will undergo training at all these enterprises ” – said the Chancellor of the University of Occupational Safety Management Małgorzata Sikorska.


In January 2016 there was signed an agreement on participation in the Erasmus + Program (Academic mobility KA-1) for the 2016/2017 academic year with WSZOP. The partner from NTU “KhPI” acts the Department of Management and Taxation, Faculty of Business and Finance.

WSZOP was founded in 2002. The University is located in Katowice, the capital of Silesia. It is a lead University in the field of education on security issues and the first university in the country, in which was created the Faculty of Engineering Research, according to the growing demand for specialists in the field of occupational safety and health. The University is equipped with modern systems of information technology for distance learning (e-learning).

Educational offers of WSZOP includes 5 areas of the Bachelor (bachelor or engineer) and the direction of the second degree ( Master’s degree ).

The quality of education and training programs have been triply positively evaluated by the National Accreditation Committee in Poland. University has  equipped laboratories and multimedia rooms, modern equipment for simultaneous translation .