A scientific society of international students will be created in NTU “KhPI”

The second round table on the topic: “The popularization of science among international students” was held at the Faculty of International Education (FIE) of the National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute”. Event Organizer – Department of Natural Sciences of Faculty of International Education.

Many international students (post-graduate, masters, bachelors and students of the preparatory phase of training) who take an active part in research activities of the NTU “KhPI”, made presentations on the topics of their developments: Samba Bitori Tresor Des Becket (Congo), Dzhoraev Shatlyk (Turkmenistan), Rumani Girgis (Egypt), Rashidov Dzhurabek (Tajikistan), Godtsent (Nigeria), Muradishvili Giorgi (Georgia), Aline Khoury (Israel), Nabatova Ogulsenem (Turkmenistan). A student of the preparatory phase of training Momen Al Khatib (Jordan) and the 4th year student of Industrial Ecology Department Maxim Bereduh (Ukraine) presented a joint ecological project.

The event were attended by many guests, each of whom made their proposals on the issue of improving the scientific and educational level of the international students and involving them in scientific activities.

The representative of the research part of the KhPI, Ph.D. Ruslan Krivobok, spoke about the scientific achievements of our university. He wished to foreign students to pursue their research activities, both within the university and at home.
According to the organizer of the roundtable, the Head of the Department of Natural Sciences of Faculty of International Education, Professor Elena Lapuzina, nowadays the interest of engineering education is reducing, which is typical for many countries, including Ukraine. “We are aware of this problem, as evidenced by a decrease in the number of international students coming to NTU “KhPI” as students and postgraduates”, – says Elena Lapuzina.

During the round table, participants discussed the issue and proposed to create a scientific society of international students, which will bring together faculty, staff and international university students.

The main objective of the activities of the scientific society is promoting and providing practical assistance to international students of the preparatory phase of training and students who are already studying in NTU “KhPI” in solving various problems: choosing future profession, participating in research projects, entering to the postgraduate, and much more.

The address of the scientific society in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1784765931750052/

NTU “KhPI” for several years been involved in the European project on the popularization of science “Horizon 2020”, which aim is to give as much information about science in general and the results of scientific research.

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