KhPI and İTÜ: Scientific Cooperation in the Field of Power Engineering and Electronics

Prof. Serhat Şeker, dean of the Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of Istanbul Technical University visited NTU “KhPI”. Negotiations touched the issues of the exchange of students, post-graduate students and the scientists of both universities working in these fields and the commercialization of research projects realized within the Ukrainian–Turkish Scientific and Technological Research Coordination Center at KhPI.

Prof.  Serhat Şeker met the representatives of the administration of KhPI, in particular Ruslan Krivobok, a deputy chief of the Research Department of the University, Oleksandr Goncharov, head of the International Relations Department, Eldar Veliev, director of the Ukrainian-Turkish Scientific and Technological Research Coordination Center. There were also the heads of ten departments of the University working in the field of electronics and power engineering — Electrical Apparatus, Electric Power Stations, Electrical Machines, Theoretical Electrical Engineering, Engineering Electrophysics, Engineering Systems Control and Automation,  Computer and Radio-electronic Systems for Testing and Diagnostics, Automated electromechanics systems, Automation and Cybersecurity, and Industrial and Biomedical Electronics.

The purpose of the meeting was to exchange the information and familiarize with the departments in order to promote further cooperation. Prof. Serhat Şeker narrated about the main sectors of his department paying special attention to international contacts and research areas. The faculty is involved in the dual-diploma program realized in cooperation with the USA universities, including the joint postgraduate course. In their turn, the representatives of KhPI departments spoke about their research areas and available scientific developments. Summarizing the results of the meeting the scientists agreed to specify the subject-matter of joint scientific and technological research.

Prof. Serhat Şeker visited the high-voltage premises of KhPI and also the Ukrainian-Turkish Scientific and Technological Research Coordination Center.

We would like to mention that in summer 2018 the postgraduate students and masters of Polytech successfully undertook the internship at the Istanbul Technical University (İTÜ). During one month five representatives from different departments of the University were adopting experience of the Turkish colleagues from İTÜ, attended lectures, fulfilled hands-on tasks and projects in their specialties.


Serhat Şeker, dean of the Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of Istanbul Technical University visited NTU “KhPI” on October 8, 2018. It was arranged within the framework of the Agreement on Cooperation signed between KhPI and İTÜ in February 2018.

Ukrainian-Turkish Scientific and Technological Research Coordination Center was set up by the NTU “KhPI” and Istanbul Technical University. It has been working since February 1, 2018. The main goal of it is to assist the scientists in the commercialization of their developments. The Center is interested in the projects related to such areas as electronics, mechanical engineering, space, aviation, internal combustion engines, transmission systems, electronic control units and materials, material science, etc.

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