Appeal of the head of “NTU “KhPI” Alumni Association” Yevgen Sokol

The head of “NTU “KhPI” Alumni Association”, Rector Yevgen Sokol published an appeal to graduates of the Polytechnic University to support and popularize our university.

Dear graduates!

National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute” (NTU “KhPI”) is proud of its graduates — wherever you have made your efforts, they respond with respect. Keep it up!

Without a doubt, we value friendship and contacts with you. Probably, you, with warmth in your soul and heart, remember your student years. Today, KhPI continues to hold the brand of a worthy and famous university — they know about it, both in Ukraine and abroad. According to the latest world ratings, the Kharkiv Polytechnic has become a leader among the country’s technical universities.

The “NTU “KhPI” Alumni Association” is asking you to: promote your Alma mater, talk about the Polytechnic University, attract youth! Subscribe our page on Facebook, the page of the KhPI press service, and read information on the university website!

This will be your investment in the development of the university that has given you the path to professional life. And persons recommended by you for education will be able to directly contact the administration of the university. Today, the state is “hungry” for technical specialists. And we will satisfy it with pleasure. With your help! With your support! With your experience! With your love for the Polytechnic University!

We also appeal to our graduates who live in other countries. Know that despite the distances, you are with us, soul and heart, because you are polytechnics. Call, convince, attract! Be with us! After all, love for the Polytechnic University knows no bounds. “Through the years and distances”, we are ready with you to help strengthen relations between our states and their mutual enrichment and development.


With respect and sincere wishes for success,
ead of “NTU “KhPI” Alumni Association”, Professor Y. Sokol