Support your Alma mater! Appeal to graduates and friends of Kharkiv Polytechnic University

Support your Alma mater! Appeal to graduates and friends of Kharkiv Polytechnic University

We are a big friendly family of Kharkiv Polytechnics, and today we suffer and cannot stand it. It has been a month since the war in Ukraine began, and Kharkov is at the forefront. Bombs and rockets are being fired at us. Russian troops are mercilessly shelling us.

The enemy is coming to our houses, hospitals, schools, shops, university buildings, and student dormitories. As a result, some take advantage of flights, some to other cities in Ukraine, and some abroad. We lose our best employees and students – we are engaged in the health and wellness of KhPI’s employees and students. The burden is between life and death today, so we all take risks. We experience problems with food, hygiene consumption, medicines, we live in other people’s houses, insignificant elementary amenities, we spend the night in basements, we often do not have water, energy, heat. War caught us completely off guard.

Kharkiv Polytechnic University must survive, and we must survive in order to fulfill our main mission, which is to offer fundamental higher education. Polytechnics have been around for more than 136 years. We survived World War II and the timeless 1990s. We have traditions and achievements. There have been hundreds of thousands of graduates who have left the KhPI walls to settle on different continents of the Big Planet Earth, from America to Australia.

Our dear family, a huge family of graduates, friends, colleagues of the International Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute”! Today, more than ever, we need your help! Support your Alma mater!

For financial support:

Recipient: Public Organization “The National Technical University “Kharkov Polytechnical Institute” Alumni Association (PO “NTU “KhPi” Alumni Association”

Address: Ukraine, Kharkiv, str. Kyrpychova, 2

Identification code 26450114

Account: UA323204780000026007924433811 ISB “UKRGASBANK”

Currency: $

Correspondent account number 04452135

Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas, New York.


Currency: CAD

Correspondent account number 400886433200

Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt-am-Main.


03087, Ukraine, Kiev, str. Yerevanskaya, 1.

Currency: €

Correspondent account number 100947080800

Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt-am-Main


03087, Ukraine, Kiev, str. Yerevanskaya, 1