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The department provides training in the following disciplines: “Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Microprocessor Technology”, “Electrical Engineering and Electrical Engineering”, “Electrical Engineering and Electronics”. While studying the disciplines, students acquaint with electrical, magnetic, electronic circuits, electrical, electronic, and microprocessor-based devices and appliances in various industries.

In practical classes (practical training session), students master the calculation of electrical circuits and electrical machines (electric motors and generators) of direct and alternating currents, transformers and other electrical devices. Students learn to practically apply the laws of Ohm, Ampere, Kirchhoff and others. Testing of laboratory work is carried out on laboratory stands, allowing to learn how to apply electrical measuring devices (voltmeter, ammeter, wattmeter, phase meter, oscilloscope, tachometer and others).

On the stands, students acquire skills in electrical circuits reading and electrical circuits assembling of direct and alternating currents, three-phase circuits at different loads. Researches of electromechanical characteristics of motors and generators, researches of the transformer characteristics, measurements of the current-voltage characteristics of semiconductor devices and electronic devices (rectifiers, amplifiers, etc.) are conducted. Students gain understanding of resonance phenomena in AC electrical circuits, programming of input and output ports in microprocessor systems, and so on.

Training of students is provided by highly qualified lecturers who have gained practical work experience abroad. The department also provides training for postgraduate students in scientific fields at the interface of sciences related to pulsed electromechanics, cryogenic engineering, gas dynamics, plasma physics, etc.

The department is actively developing innovative ideas. In particular, the high-energy spark ignition system developed at the department is used in a pulsating compression-detonation device.

The department carries out research of plasma formations with its own magnetic field, develops electrodynamic accelerators for the needs of industry.

The department provides patent protection for scientific research carried out at the department, and cooperation with foreign scientific institutions is organized.

The department conducts electrical engineering competitions among students of nonelectrical engineering specialties of NTU “KhPI” and other universities of Ukraine. The lecturers of the department take an active part in the work of specialized scientific councils.

Scientific fields

The department is developing several scientific directions. Prospects for development of the first scientific direction of the department are associated with the development and implementation of superconducting materials in the facilities of the electric power complex, which will help improve the efficiency of the units and devices, reduce their weight and dimensions, reduce the peak currents in electrical networks in emergency conditions. As a result, this will save money, in particular energy.

The results of the work are aimed at developing short circuit current limiters with high-temperature superconducting elements, which qualitatively increases the efficiency of their operation in various modes. To do this, it is necessary to determine the general parameters and characteristics of current limiters of various configurations with cryogenic cooling, to develop methods for their calculation and to conduct their experimental testing in laboratory conditions.

Prospects for the development of the second scientific direction of the department associated with the development of highly efficient electromechanical transducers of pulsed action for various purposes.

At the moment, on the basis of such a converter, a percussion device has been developed and manufactured, experimentally tested and patented to protect information from unauthorized access on a computer.

Together with the specialists of the Scientific-research complex “Accelerator” of the National Scientific Center “KhPTI” and the Institute of Tank Forces at the NTU “KhPI”, a concept of a device for accelerating a shock wave in a gas-plasma medium using an electromechanical induction converter was proposed. The prospects for the use of this converter for the sparking system of an engine operating on low-quality fuel are considered.

In addition, forced converters are being developed that provide an increased armature initial speed for electrical devices, high-speed converters of the combined type (electromagnetic and induction, electrodynamic and induction, etc.) and multi-section converters with sequential switching of inductor sections. The following tasks are carried out at the department: R & D related to the improvement of technical systems and devices due to pulsed electromechanical transducers and electrophysical technologies.

Qualifications and Areas of Specialization

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