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The department of “Lifting and Transporting Machines and Equipment” has been training specialists since 1929. Teaching is carried out with application of modern achievements in computer science. Specialities “Lifting and Transporting, road, construction, and land reclamation machines and equipment” and “Logistic systems engineering” include both general technical subjects and special courses such as “Load-lifting machines”, “Construction and road machines”, “Special cranes”, as well as topical in developed countries subjects: “Hoisting machines automated design systems”, “Production organization and marketing of hoisting and transportation machines”, “Mechatronics”, “Hoisting and transportation systems logistics”. Specialists in these branches work at various organizations where they design or exploit: cranes, construction machines, road and land reclaiming machines, loaders, moving staircases, roller systems, lifts, transporters, and other modern equipment of technologic logistics. Engineers specializing in hoisting and transportation, road, construction, and land reclamation machines and equipment, and Logistic systems engineering are highly valued abroad.

The department includes: the head of department, docent, candidate of engineering sciences; a professor, doctor of engineering sciences; two professors, candidates of engineering sciences; associate professor, candidate of engineering sciences; four senior lecturers, candidates of engineering sciences; two post-graduates; four engineers.

Qualifications and Areas of Specialization

The branch of knowledge 13.Mechanical engineering.

  1. 133.Industrial machinery engineering speciality
    “Lifting and transporting, road-building, construction, and melioration machines and equipment” specialization
  2. 131.Applied mechanics speciality
    “Logistic systems engineering” and “Logistics systems and complexes” specializations