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Iefimov Oleksandr

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About Department

The Department of Steam Generator Construction is one of the oldest in NTU “KhPI” with extensive experience in training. As an independent structure, the department was formed in 1938.

Currently, the department employs highly qualified teachers, two of them are technicians. Sciences, four Ph.D. tech. sciences, two professors, one doctor of philosophy (PhD) and three associate professors.

The department consists of classrooms, a training laboratory, a computer center.

Our department trains specialists in the field of modern computer technology for effective automated control of man-made safe operation, design, construction and installation of power equipment for thermal and nuclear power plants, heating networks, heating boilers, wind turbines, transport ground and ship power plants. nuclear energy facilities and other progressive energy facilities.

The department conducts fruitful cooperation in teaching students and in research work with leading companies in the energy sector of Kharkiv and the country, in particular, NNEGC “Energoatom”, HCCB “Energoprogress”, HCP “Kotloenergoproekt”, NPO “Vertical”, OJSC “Vertical”, OJSC “Ukremet “, and other. There, students go through all kinds of internships, complete diploma projects on their subject, are successfully employed.

Scientific fields

The department operates and successfully develops a scientific school, a significant contribution of which is the new provisions of promising research – optimizing the management of technological processes of thermal and nuclear power plants through simulation, which improves efficiency and safety of power generating systems in Ukraine.

The main areas of research are:

  • “Creation and improvement of theoretical foundations, approaches, methods and models for the synthesis of decision support systems in conditions of information uncertainty at the stages of research, design and operation of nuclear power plants and thermal power plants”
  • “Environmentally friendly energy and resource-saving technologies in thermal and nuclear power plants”
  • “Development of optimal technological schemes and designs of equipment to ensure environmentally friendly production of electricity and heat by thermal and nuclear power plants, waste heat boilers, hot water boilers”
  • “Development of mathematical methods and models for the creation of automated software for optimization of state parameters and diagnostics of complex thermal power systems”
  • “Improvement of schemes, designs, technological processes of multi-fuel boilers”

Qualifications and Areas of Specialization

Educational program 142 “Energy”

Specializations: Thermal and nuclear power plants and computer technologies of technogenic energy safety

Educational level: bachelor, master