Department of Organic Synthesis and Nanotechnologies

Krichkovska Lidiya Head of The Department

Krichkovska Lidiya

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About Department

Department, as well as University, was founded in 1885 year. More than 2200 graduates received their degrees. Among them there are engineers, technologists, chemists, researchers and design engineers. Department of organic synthesis and nanotechnology offer university department for full-time students and tuition by correspondence; secondary higher education in Ukraine and also distance education.

Scientific fields

  • nanotechnologies in organic chemistry, biology and bioengineering;
  • chemistry dyes and luminophors;
  • chemistry and technology of aromatic and heterocyclic compounds;
  • Chemistry of pharmaceutical substances and technology of pharmaceutical preparations;
  • phase-transfer catalysts and their application.

Qualifications and Areas of Specialization

Specialization: Chemical technology of organic substances

Speciality is fundamental for organic and petrochemical synthesis industries – basis for production activity of Ukrainian chemical industry. Organic chemistry, technology of organic substances, organic synthesis and catalysis are in mainstream.

Specialization: Chemical technology of food additives and cosmetics