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Dmytryk Vitaliy Vladimirovich Head of The Department

Dmytryk Vitaliy Vladimirovich

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Nowadays, when the level of economic development determines the manufacture of science-based products and the widespread use of high technology, the main factor of success is the educational level and the degree of intelligence of the nation.

Studying at a leading Ukrainian university provides the opportunity to acquire the most up-to-date knowledge and skills regarding welding and related processes and technologies, as well as obtaining a prestigious European model diploma. the training itself will give you the opportunity to realize and secure a decent life in the future.

The Department of Welding NTU “KhPI” provides the basic knowledge concerning the training of students of the welding profile. Graduates of the department are able to solve both scientific and engineering tasks. Scientific research and educational process are focused on the use of advanced processes and technologies of welding, as well as processes and technologies related to welding. The staff of the department collaborates with the major energy companies of Ukraine, PJSC Turboatom, nuclear and thermal stations, and others.

The first priority of the department’s quantitative task is to provide a high level of training for specialists in the welding profile, to conduct scientific research and to implement the results of such research into an educational process that meets the requirements of the leading university in Europe.



Educational building №1 (У1), 13th floor, room 1302

Kharkiv,  street Kirpicheva 2, 61002


phone: (057) 707-65-21