The Department of Ukrainian Language, Russian Language, and Applied Linguistics

Chernyavska Svitlana Mykolayivna Head of The Department

Chernyavska Svitlana Mykolayivna

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About Department

The Department of Ukrainian Language, Russian Language, and Applied Linguistics started its history in 1954 in Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute when the Department of Russian Language was established to improve the education of foreign students. The teaching staff taught the Russian language to foreign students, helping them to obtain a higher education. The educational process encompassed all the spheres of communication: education, scientific, social, cultural, and everyday activities. Besides the subject “Russian as a Foreign Language”, such disciplines as “Scientific and Technical Translation” and “Teaching Techniques of Russian as a Second Language” were taught. After the adoption of the “On the Ukrainian Language in the USSR” Law in 1989 and proclamation of the independence of Ukraine in 1991, the department introduced the disciplines “Ukrainian Language” and “Business Ukrainian Writing”. At the same time the department went on improving how to teach “Russian as a Foreign Language”, in particular exchange education for foreign students of different specialties was introduced. The department provided the teaching of such disciplines as “Introduction to Linguistics”, “Basic Applied Linguistics”, “Modern Ukrainian Literature”, and “Computer-Assisted Translation Systems” for students of social and humanitarian specialties. In 2005 the department was renamed into the Department of Ukrainian Language, Russian Language, and Applied Linguistics. The teachers of the department are the authors of many researches which are published in dedicated journals and journals of international scientometric data bases. The teaching staff compiled more than 10 language for specific purposes dictionaries, 40 guidelines, etc. The department organizes such conferences as “Contemporary Lexicography Issues”, “Language Teaching Methods”, and annual international lexicography workshops. Also every year the department organizes work of the Language Training section as part of the International Student and Post-Graduate Student Research and Theoretical Conference “Ukraine and the World”. The department is actively involved in international cooperation with leading universities of Poland, Germany, Austria, and other countries. This present time such disciplines as “Ukrainian Language”, “Lexicography”, “History of Foreign Literature”, Language of Professional Training”, and “Ukrainian as a Foreign Language” are taught by the teachers.

Scientific fields

Main scientific areas of the department:
– Teaching techniques: teaching languages to students of technical specialties;
– History studies: History of introduction of the Ukrainian language into education;
– Terminology studies: research of term systems in different scientific fields;
– Literature studies: research of Ukrainian and foreign writers creations;
– Lexicography studies: research and compilation of dictionaries of different types.