Institute of Education and Science in Power Engineering, Electronics and Electromechanics

Tomashevskyi Roman


Tomashevskyi Roman


Admission committee: Electrical building, 1st floor, Hall No. 1, tel. +38(098) 519-62-45.


The ESI EEE includes seventeen departments, of which fifteen are graduating departments. The Institute trains bachelors, masters and Ph.D. students in five fundamental specialties in educational-professional and educational-scientific programs:

Specialty 141  «Electric Power, Electrical Engineering and Electromechanics»:

Educational program: «Electric Power Industry»;

Educational program: «Electromechanics»;

Educational program: «Electric drive, mechatronics and robotics».

Specialty 142 – «Energy Engineering»:

Educational program: «Energy – Thermal and nuclear power plants and computer technologies of technological energy safety; – Digital engineering of energy machines and equipment; – Engines and hybrid power plants of vehicles»;

Educational program: «Hybrid and electric transport power plants».

Specialty 144 – «Thermal Power Engineering»:

Educational program: “Industrial and municipal thermal power engineering. Energy Management and Energy Efficiency”.

Specialty 171 «Electronics»:

Educational program: «Electronics»;

Educational program: «Electric cars and automotive electronics».

Specialty 273  «Railway Transport»:

Educational program: «Locomotives and Locomotive Facilities»;

Educational program: «Logistics in railway transport».

Applicants with a Junior Specialist Diploma are accepted for training under a reduced training period, subject to admission to a related training area.

The educational process at the ESI EEE is carried out by about 250 teachers, including 75 professors and doctors of sciences, about 120 candidates of sciences. The application of advanced teaching methods, the widespread use in the educational process of modern computer equipment, software products and information technologies, a powerful material base, the participation of students in scientific research, close connection with leading enterprises and institutions of the industry make it possible to provide training for highly qualified specialists.