International clusters are going to be established on the basis of NTU “KhPI”: cooperation agreement with the Dutch company OPTEC

On the 18th of November during the visit of foreign delegations in case of 130th anniversary of the university, NTU “KhPI” has signed cooperation agreement with the Dutch company OPTEC, an exclusive partner of Carl Zeiss AG, represented by the director of the Ukrainian branch Oksana Danyluk.

The subject of the agreement – scientific and technical cooperation and the creation of the first in the eastern region of Ukraine reference laboratory “Center of advanced technologies and materials in the metallography” at the Department of Materials Science NTU “KhPI” (The Head – prof. Sobol O.V).

The aim of the organization is improving the popularity of NTU “KhPI” and promotion of modern technologies which are developed by Carl Zeiss and OPTEC. It will be implemented through familiarization with the equipment on the basis of NTU “KhPI”  for increasing qualification of training and research with its help under the guidance of experts of and OPTEC.


The agreement between NTU “KPI” and the company OPTEC provides for the establishment of scientific and technical cooperation in the following areas:

• scientific and educational activities;

• development of new technologies;

• development and implementation in the educational process of new educational methods / programs with integration into practice modern research technologies;

• training of experts in various fields of science and industry.

The cooperation covers the following fields of science: science of materials, including nanomaterials and materials for alternative energy research and development for the application of medicine, including biomedical technology, 3D-imaging technologies and others. On the basis of those areas it is planed to create two international clusters: in materials and biomedical technologies. Oksana Danyluk gave certificate for light microscopes Primo Star production of Carl Zeiss to NTU “KhPI”, in case of further implementation of the cluster approach in NTU “KhPI”.


Within the framework of cooperation it is planned:

• organization of joint scientific events (conferences, consultative workshops on light, laser scanning and electron microscopy)

• organization of visits for experience exchanging of leading researchers of the University to specialized centers abroad, and experts from OPTEC and Carl Zeiss – to NTU “KhPI” within the agreed technical training;

• development of joint programs on equipping specialized KhPI laboratories with latest scientific equipment;

• organization of a joint demonstration center on the basis of NTU “KhPI” for the specialist advice provision  to the third parties, which includes: conducting experiments and research in the field of modern metallography and materials, demonstrate the capabilities of  Carl Zeiss equipment, which is set in NTU “KhPI”, equipment for preparation of samples.

It should be noted that KhPI is going to support the training of specialists who will be able to find a job in the Carl Zeiss, OPTEC, affiliated organizations and exclusive partners of Carl Zeiss worldwide.

The agreement provides the development of international training programs at NTU “KhPI”: OPTEC will help with the promotion of students in the framework of European training and the organization of specialized trainings with the leading scientists and specialists of the Polytechnic with the possibility of obtaining the certificate.

Signed cooperation agreement is valid for 5 years from the date of signature with the possibility of extension. Its aim is promotion of scientific and technological progress and strengthening of international scientific ties, further development of strong relations between Ukraine and the Netherlands.



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