KhPI Launches a Fruitful Cooperation with the University of Greece

 The delegation of NTU “KhPI” carried on talks with the management of the Piraeus University for Applied Sciences (Athens, Greece). During talks they discussed the specific features of educational and scientific works done by the Institutions of Higher Education and the issues related to the opportune programs of cooperation between the NTU “KhPI” and the Piraeus University for Applied Sciences (Athens, Greece). The Parties were represented by Prof. Gennadiy Khripunov, a pro- rector in charge of scientific and pedagogical work and Prof. D. Tseles, a pro-rector in charge of international relations. The talks were conducted within the framework of realization of the project on international credit mobility ERASMUS+KA1.


In particular, the Department for the Electronics of the foreign institution of higher education conducted a scientific workshop that was attended by the representatives of the School for Applied Technology: Prof. S. Vassiliadis, S. Savadis, K.S. Nikas, N. Stathopoulos, etc. Prof. Gennadiy Khripunov talked about the specific features of educational process at all the levels of training  at KhPI and took an active part in the discussion on the search of common subject areas for the future cooperation.

“The polytechnicians are very interested in promoting international project-related activities and involving the students and teachers of the Department for Physics and Technology and the Department for Electrical Mechanical Engineering in mobility programs planned for the next spring semester”- noted Gennadiy Khripunov, a pro-rector of NTU “KhPI”.

According to him, a new round of the development of scientific and research activities should be searched for in the following areas of cooperation:

  • developing the heat –exchanger for the photoenergy plant with the solar radiation concentrator;
  • creating flexible sensors for medical and sporting purposes that are integrated into the fabric used for the tracksuits and medical overalls;
  • carrying out experimental investigations on the influence of high power pulses on solid bodies, liquids and biological objects;

During talks the parties agreed that the delegation of the Piraeus University for Applied Sciences including three professors will visit NTU “KhPI” in May 2017. The professors will participate in the annual conference MicroCAD and deliver plenary and sectional reports.

Next year, the two Masters from the Department for Economics of NTU “KhPI” will take in-depth training course and do research at the Piraeus University for Applied Sciences. Starting from the spring semester the Masters of the Department for Physics and Technology (PT) and the Department for Electromechanical Engineering (ECE) of the Kharkov Polytech will be involved into the mobility program. The mobility of students will be supplemented by the mobility of teachers working for FT, EME and EC departments.

In addition, during his visit to Greece Gennadiy Khripunov, pro-rector of NTU “KhPI” carried on talks with the Doctor K.S. Nikas that coordinates the activities of Erasmus office. K.S. Nikas familiarized Kharkov polytechnicians with the structure, educational process and international activities of his University. During the meeting they discussed the problems stressing the need to plan the Erasmus+ mobility, and the prospects of more efficient cooperation and continuation of further project-related activities.