Italian professor awarded The “Lyapunov Award”

In 2017, Professor Rinaldo Garziera, the head of the Department of Engineering and Architecture of the University of Parma (Italy), was awarded the “Lyapunov Award”.

He has been awarded this distinction for his great contribution to the development of international scientific cooperation between the University of Parma and the Faculty of Engineering and Physics of the NTU “KhPI”. Thanks to this collaboration, the best graduates of the KhPI got an opportunity to participate in postgraduate studies in Italy and publish their scientific results in prestigious international journals.

Since 2001, Rinaldo Garziera is a full professor of Mechanics Applied to Machines. For several years he worked as the director of the Department of Industrial Engineering, and now holds the post of Director of the Department of Engineering and Architecture. Professor Garziera conducts research in the field of vibrations of mechanical systems, fluid-structure interaction, mechatronics, and on the development of non-destructive techniques for vibration monitoring.


Alexander Mikhailovich Lyapunov (1857-1918) was an outstanding mathematician and mechanic. Alexander Lyapunov received world-wide recognition due to his theory of stability of equilibrium and motion of mechanical systems with a finite number of parameters. He was elected as a honorary member of universities in St. Petersburg, Kharkiv, Kazan and a member of such academies as the Accademia dei Lincei (Italy), the French Academy of Sciences and others.

In Kharkov Technological Institute (now – National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute”) A.M. Lyapunov worked as Privatdozent (Associate Professor) and taught the course of analytical mechanics (1887-1893). Memorial plaque to Academician A.M. Lyapunov is installed on the Main Auditorium building of NTU “KhPI”.

The “Lyapunov Award” is granted by the Scientific Committee of the Faculty of Engineering and Physics with the aim of encouraging outstanding scientists from the universities of the world who work in the field of mechanics and applied mathematics and make a significant contribution to international cooperation between universities.