KhPI Promotes Cooperation with the Greek University

On 4-8 of September, the delegation from the Piraeus University of Applied Sciences (Athens, Greece) visited the National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute”. This was the second meeting of the representatives of both universities that was held within the framework of the European Program “ERASMUS+ International Credit Mobility”.

The representatives of the delegation of the Greek University were Dr. Michaell Koniordos, Professor of the Department of Business and Administration, and Dr. Alina Hyz, Professor of the Accounting and Finance Department.

Gennadiy Khripunov, vice-rector of NTU “KhPI”, Aleksandr Goncharov, chief of the Department for International Relations of NTU “KhPI” and Olga Savchenko, Professor of the Department for Industrial Engineering and Personnel Management carried on negotiations.

Key points of the discussion were:

  • Coordination in the study plan and education arrangements under the ERASMUS +K1 program;
  • Searching for common scientific interests among the academics of both universities;
  • Coordination in future steps for joint projects under the EU program, including the realization of the joint project on the development and popularization of solar power engineering in Ukraine. 

“The cooperation with the scientists from the Piraeus University of Applied Sciences would allow us to come forth with the integrated joint project in the field of solar energy. Such project is expected to solve two problems: in particular the engineering problem (to improve photoelectric converters and solar collectors) and economic (to find economic approaches for the large-scale use of expensive solar power engineering equipment in Ukraine and Greece” – said Prof. Gennadiy Khripunov, vice-rector for scientific-and-pedagogical work.

During the visit to KhPI, Dr. Michaell Koniordos and Alina Hyz gave open lectures to the students and lecturers of specialty “International Economic Relations”. They had a meeting with the students that work towards their master’s degree at the Economic Department and made up the plan for the future students and lecturers traineeship. In particular, in October 2017 three lecturers from KhPI are going to visit the Piraeus University of Applied Sciences to participate in the conference. It will discuss scientific and engineering projects that can be realized by consolidation efforts of both universities in economic and engineering spheres.

The visit results in decision to prolong until 2020 the Agreement on Cooperation between Universities under the ERASMUS+KA1 program.


The Piraeus University of Applied Sciences was initially set up as the Piraeus Industrial School in 1938. It gives programs in the field of economics, business-management and information technologies.

Today the University runs the Research Center that was set up in 1989 and since that time, it has been participating in the national and international engineering research, especially in the branches related to computer networks and Internet Technologies.