KhPI starts cooperation with Japan

Well-known Japanese specialists, in particular Masaru Tanaka, an international expert in different branches of the activities of state national banks, and Aleksandra Chala, the JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) coordinator visited NTU “KhPI” to carry on partnership negotiations.

Within the framework of this visit, consideration was given to the opportunities of practical training at IT-companies for the students of NTU “KhPI” and organizing the courses of Japanese language.

The guests carried on talks with the management of the University.  NTU “KhPI” was represented by the pro-rector Gennadiy Khripunov and Aleksander Goncharov, chief of the Department for International Relations and the guests talked also with the students.

According to Gennadiy Khripunov, the University continues to realize the programs related to the training on probation and the employment of graduates majoring in engineering fields abroad. Not only IT-students were invited to participate in this meeting, but also those trained in allied fields, for example computer engineering and computer technologies, including other students that acquire engineering specialties at mechanical technology department, mechanical engineering department, engineering–physical and other departments” — said the pro-rector of NTU “KhPI”.

The negotiations resulted in the setting up of the courses of Japanese language for IT graduate students. These 1.5 hour-courses will be led for eight months twice a week. The first lesson will be given on 24-th of October. The team of students that take Japanese lessons will have an opportunity to go to the Land of the Rising Sun. On graduation from KhPI and being awarded with their diplomas these students will have an opportunity to get a job at Japanese IT companies in Ukraine.

Mr. Masaru Tanaka represents not only the IT field; he is also a well-known international financial expert with over thirty-year-background in the banking system and he accepted an offer of the management of Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute to give lectures to the students majoring in economics at KhPI.


Masaru Tanaka is an expert of the Central Bank of Japan, he is a councilor to the Ministry of Finances of Ukraine and he is also an international expert in the different sectors of activities of state national banks.

JICA  is the Japan International Cooperation Agency. It is the governmental agency of Japan and the international offices of it provide the grant assistance and technical assistance for different projects in social sphere, infrastructure, etc.