A Well-Known American Financial Expert Taught the Ukrainian Science at the KhPI to Make Money

NTU “KhPI” held a meeting with a representative of the Ukraine Phoenix Venture Capital Fund Сharles К. Whitehead to discuss “Commercialization of Scientific Developments of the Leading Institutions of Higher Education and Research Institutions in the City of Kharkov”. The participants of the meeting were the representatives of leading educational and scientific institutions in the city of Kharkov.

An expert in the financial sphere Charles Whitehead delivered a lecture on the following subject matters: practical aspects of the commercialization of developments, capitalization of the objects of intellectual property, regular presentation of own developments to the investors and foundations, patenting in the USA, etc.

The employees of NTU “KhPI” also took the floor within the framework of this event, in particular Ruslan Krivobock, PhD and deputy chief of the Research and Design Department of the University and Prof. Eduard Simson, a representative of the Industrial “UPEK” Group from the Department for Continuous Media and the Strength of Materials”.

Ruslan Krivibock, deputy chief of the Research and Design Department of NTU “KhPI” spoke about innovation centers that already work and are set up at the Polytech. These include the Center for the Commercialization of Intellectual Property, Technology Transfer Center, “The Scientific Pool of NTU “KhPI” Ltd, etc. According to him, the University holds leading positions in the field of the creation of the objects of intellectual property. “Annually, the University obtains over 90 patents for inventions and utility models. We pay special attention to the commercialization of scientific developments by fulfilling economic agreements signed with the companies and organizations in Ukraine. In particular, in 2017 KhPI increased the volume of fulfilled work by 30% in comparison with the previous year” said Ruslan Krivobock, deputy chief of the Research and Design Department of NTU “KhPI”.

Based on the results of this meeting and due to the cooperation of the scientists from Kharkov with the Ukraine Phoenix Venture Capital Fund the catalogue of investment-attractive innovation developments submitted by our scientists will be presented to potential investors from the USA.

We would like to remind you that Сharles К. Whitehead, a well -known financial expert and a representative of the Venture Fund paid a visit to NTU “KhPI” in spring 2017 and he gave the cycle of lectures to post-graduate students and research workers and in July he had a meeting with the scientists of NTU “KhPI” to discuss the issues of the commercialization of scientific developments.

Reference: Сharles К. Whitehead is an American banker and an expert in financial markets, business –transactions, financial instruments of the investments, and the capitalization of intangible assets.

Sphere of interests: capitalization of the objects of intellectual property, creating the innovation structure in Ukraine that involves the scientific potential of Ukraine into the international environment of the commercialization of scientific developments, and setting up the venture fund.

At the present time Сharles К. Whitehead is the co-director of Cornell Tech (New-York), professor of Cornell University and Cornell Law School, Business Law.

Some business –positions: a member of the Court of Appeal, the USA, Managing Director for Nomura Securities International, Inc. (New York), member of the Board of Directors for Salomon Brothers and manager of the Bank Committee (CitiBank, CitiGroup).