KhPI Extends Cooperation with Istanbul Technical University

The representatives of Istanbul Technical University (İTÜ) visited Kharkov and NTU “KhPI” throughout the period of July 1-4. The educational programs relating to economics, management and the oil and gas branch aroused great interest among them. The delegation was represented by the Professor of the Economics Department Sinan Ertemel and the manager of the International Office of İTÜ Emel Kanbur. During the negotiations held at NTU “KhPI” consideration was given to the problems of exchange of the students, post-graduate students, and scientists of two universities in these fields within the framework of ERASMUS+ program.

On July 3, the representatives of İTÜ met with the administration of NTU “KhPI” and the representatives of three departments to discuss cooperation on the preparatory activities of conducting academic exchange between the Universities.

Participants of the talks were vice–rector Gennadiy Khripunov, director of Ukrainian-Turkish Scientific and Technological Research Coordination Center Eldar Veliev, deputy chief of the Institute for Economics, Management and International Business Valeriy Kobelev, head of the Department for Management and Taxation Nataliia Krasnokutskaia, head of the Department for the Industrial Engineering and Personnel Management Petro Pererva, head of the Department for the Oil, Gas and Condensate Production Illia Fik and the head of International Relations Department Aleksandr Goncharov.

“Cooperation between the Universities in the field of education and science is of great importance for us. We already exchange students and scientists with other foreign Universities”,— stressed Gennadiy Khripunov, a vice-rector of NTU “KhPI”.

During the meeting, the representatives of Istanbul Technical University familiarized with the activities of partner-departments to share an experience gained in the work with foreign students. Nataliia Krasnokutskaia, head of the Department for Management and Taxation of KhPI said that the department was set up in 1991 and it is an active participant of different educational and research programs. “We have been participating in ERASMUS+ program since 2006. Over more than 10 years our students went on exchange to Poland, Slovenia and Germany. We also initiated a dual diploma program with the German University. Today, the students from China, Germany, Lebanon, Nigeria and Morocco study at our University”,— emphasized she. Nataliia Krasnokutskaia also added that a priority is placed on the use of English Language in education: “We offer English Language Programs for first-year Ukrainian and foreign students. These are not individual Ukrainian or Turkish groups; these are mixed groups”.

Professor Ilia Fik represented the Department for Oil, Gas and Condensate Production headed by him and it should be noted that it is one of the most popular departments among the foreign students. According to Ilia Fik, today the department gives training to approximately three hundred students and two hundred of them are the foreigners. “Our graduates are the experts in oil and gas production and well drilling. It should be noted that today the main amount of oil and gas is produced in the East of our country. Therefore, the guys have an opportunity to do practical work at gas producing companies. For example, we established good contacts with the gas company “ShebelynkaGasVydobuvannya Gas Production Division” (GPD). In addition, an agreement was reached as for the opportunity to gain experience in blue-collar job, for example to work as a gas production operator. It is a two-week practical training for a student in such a position”, — noted Prof. Ilia Fik.

Emel Kanbur, the manager of the International Office of Istanbul Technical University, noted that they have an opportunity for an exchange of both students and post-graduate students, including the teachers of Turkish and Ukrainian Universities. Participants of the talks worked out a strategy for the activities on the coordination of the curricula, number of participants, and selection of applicants within the framework of the extension of cooperation between the KhPI and the İTÜ.


It should be noted that KhPI has been cooperating with Turkey in the field of education for several years. On October 5, 2016 the Kharkov University opened the Center for Distance Learning in Istanbul to give training to Turkish students.

In April 2017, a counselor to the President of Turkish Republic Mustafa Helvaci paid a visit to our university. In July 2017 the Universities signed the Memorandum of Cooperation in the field of education and science that assumes an exchange of students, post-graduate students and researchers and joint scientific activities. In August 2017, following the visit of KhPI delegation to Istanbul Technical University a decision was taken on setting up the first Ukrainian-Turkish Science Center. 

Ukrainian-Turkish Scientific and Technological Research Coordination Center was set up by NTU “KhPI” and Istanbul Technical University. It has been functioning since February 1, 2018. The key objective is to render assistance to the scientists in commercialization of their developments. The Center is interested in giving consideration to the projects in such fields as electronics, mechanical engineering, space, aviation, internal combustion engines, transmission systems, electronic control units and materials, the material science, etc.    

A more detailed information on the activities of Coordination Center and its partners can be found at the Site (Information is given in Russian and English Languages).

 Istanbul Technical University provides 39 specialties on 13 faculties and 39 postgraduate and doctoral university programs. Besides, 446 laboratories and 13 research centers work at The Institute. 23 specialties are accredited in USA, allowing students participate in exchange programs and obtain double degrees. The University undertakes an education in such directions as mechanics, electrical engineering, electronics, chemistry, metallurgy, computers, informatics, shipbuilding, aeronautics and management, architecture, art, design, and music as well. During its existence, İTÜ has graduated more than 100 000 specialists. The Istanbul University has a successfully functioning Technopark with the money turnover of 1 billion dollars and 2000 companies work at this Technopart. One third of university graduates participate in the research done by these companies.