KhPI Signed a New Agreement with the Chinese University

NTU “KhPI” and Zhejiang Shuren University (Hangzhou, China) signed the cooperation agreement in the field of science, technology and education. This agreement proposes academic exchanges between the universities, participation in scientific conferences, research projects, realization of the joint program on the education of Chinese students at NTU KhPI in engineering, economic and liberal areas and those relating to the computer science in English (to defend the bachelor’s and/or master’s degree) and on completion of their education the students get two diplomas: one diploma is awarded by KhPI and another diploma is awarded by Zhejian Shuren University. In addition, the management of both universities discussed possible areas of further cooperation. The document was negotiated and signed in the online format using Zoom platform.   

Prof. Yevgen Sokol, the acting rector of NTU “KhPI” provided a brief overview of the Kharkiv Polytech for the Chinese colleagues and he also mentioned that Ukrainian and Chinese Universities have many similar areas and specialties that are rather promising for the cooperation. Special attention was paid to biomedical engineering that has good prospects.

“We have many interesting and new challenges ahead. The students from China will have all appropriate conditions for their studies at NTU “KhPI”. We will move forward together in educational and scientific areas. I place faith in our mutually beneficial cooperation that will be useful and fruitful for both universities” – reassured Yevgen Sokol.

In his turn, Li Lu, the rector of Zhejian Shuren University spoke on the possibilities of versatile joint activities with NTU KhPI in many areas. The most promising are medical engineering and artificial intelligence. In addition, Rector Li Lu suggested that perhaps the department of NTU “KhPI” will be opened in China for the extension of cooperation and communication between the Universities.

At the online meeting, NTU “KhPI” was represented by Prof. Yevgen Sokol, the acting rector, Prof. Gennadiy Khripunov, pro-rector in charge of international relations, Oleksandr Vasiliuk, chief deputy of the Department for International Relation, Oleksiy Larin, the director of the Institute of Education and Science in Engineering and Physics and Kseniya Minakova, associate professor of the Department for Physics.

The participants from Zhejian Shuren University were Rector Mr. Li Lu, Vice-Rector Mr. Chen Jun, Dean of the Department for Computer Sciences and Technologies Ms. Ren Tiaojuan, Director of Scientific Research Department Mr. Jin Jinbiao, Director of International Affairs Office Ms Hu Jianwei and Deputy Director of International Affairs Office Mr. Wan Guowei.

The use of the distance format (Zoom platform) enabled efficient negotiations uniting agreement singing participants and the joint photo snapping.


The agreement signed between NTU “KhPI” and Zhejian Shuren Universities proposes the cooperation in the following fields:

  • joint cooperation in the field of science and technology, exchange of scientific publications, manuals and teaching materials, bibliographic and reference manuals; preparing and publishing the thesis, books, manuals, etc;
  • participation of the representatives of partner universities in scientific conferences and symposiums that are of mutual interest and also in international projects;
  • exchanging the scientists and teachers that give lectures and consultations, sharing the experience gained in the field of scientific and methodical work, exchanging the students, post-graduate students, interns and the specialists willing to upgrade their qualification;
  • joint training in English of the students that work for the bachelor’s and/or master’s degree in engineering, economic and liberal specialties including computer sciences at NTU “KhPI” according to the formulas 2+2 and 4+1.4 with the issue of the diploma by NTU “KhPI.

Zhejian Shuren University was founded in 1984 and it is one of the first commercial Universities with a substantial amount of financing and it has the two campuses: Gongchenqiao (Hangzhou Campus) and Yangxunqiao (Shaoxing Campus). The University provides education at the following departments: Management Department, Urban Development Department, the Department for Liberal Arts and Foreign Language, the Department for Information Technologies, the Department for Biology and Environmental Engineering, Contemporary Service Industry Department, Department for Arts, International Medicine Department, etc. The University cooperates with more than 70 universities in different countries of the world: Great Britain, France, the USA, Canada, Belarus, Japan, Korea, Australia and others.