KhPI Develops New Programs to Teach Chinese Students

Chinese students that study at NTU “KhPI” donated one thousand masks and antiseptic (16 litres) to the employees of the Department for International Relations as a prophylactic of corona virus infection. The University management believes that this gift is a contribution to common measures taken to fight Covid-19. In spite of complicated situation caused by the pandemic disease, KhPI continues cooperation with China and it works towards the development of new educational projects.

Today, forty-five citizens of China study at NTU “KhPI”; they attend lectures given within the framework of the pre-university training at KhPI, including also postgraduate students.

According to Gennadiy Khripunov, pro-rector in charge of international relations at NTU “KhPI”, the university plans to develop cooperation with China increasing the number of Chinese students in spite of quarantine.

Our University cooperates with contracting companies, in particular, with the “Shypotko” firm and develops new programs for the training of Chinese students. It is assumed that the students will study at the Chinese university during the first two years and then they will continue their studies at KhPI in their third and fourth year and on completion of their studies they will be given the two Bachelor’s Degree Diplomas. To realize this project, Gennady Khripunov, pro-rector of NTU “KhPI” in charge of international relations and Oleksandr Vasiliuk, deputy chief of the Department for International Relations at NTU “KhPI” work deliberately to involve Chinese universities into the cooperation. In addition, the work is done to negotiate the curricula with the three departments of the Institute of Education and Science in Engineering and Physics of NTU “KhPI”, in particular the Department for Metal Physics and Semiconductors, the Department for the Computer Simulation of Processes and Systems and the Department for the Machine Strength and Dynamics.