The Kharkiv Polytech Extends Ukrainian-Turkish Educational Relations

NTU “KhPI” set up the Ukrainian–Turkish Education and Culture Center at the Department for the International Education. The teaching and learning process will be conducted here and interesting meetings will also be held here including different exciting events. The main audiences of the Center are Turkish youth that enrolled KhPI to get the pre-university training. The official opening ceremony of the Ukrainian-Turkish Education and Culture Center was held with the participation of the administration of KhPI, the representatives of the Turkish Educational Company “Bati Ak Deniz” and Turkish students.  

At the opening ceremony, the acting rector of NTU “KhPI” Yevgen Sokol stressed that over a number of years the University has been creating appropriate conditions for the foreign students that attend the preparatory course so that they could get indispensable knowledge and a good work. “Today we opened this wonderful center to make your training even more efficient for you to get prepared for your future studies at NTU “KhPI”. A good way is waiting for you in the offing that would provide a decent future for you. Tens of thousands of foreign students that graduated from KhPI made massive progress at their motherlands. Please, don’t doubt that the knowledge you get at the Kharkiv Polytech will provide a rewarding career for you,” — said Yevgen Sokol.

We hope that the Ukrainian-Turkish Education and Culture Center will become an educational hub and coworking space. During the first half of the day, the lessons will be given here for Turkish students that attend the pre-university training course at KhPI learning English, Physics, Math and other subjects (all the lectures will be given in English). During the second half of the day, the students will be able to spend their free time here, do their homework and get prepared for the lessons.

The Center is equipped with the new furniture; it has multimedia facilities and laptops that were procured by the Turkish Company «Bati Ak Deniz», and the repair works were supervised by the pro-rector of NTU “KhPI” Magomediemin Gasanov.

The participants of the opening ceremony of the Center were Ali Oztürk, director of the Turkish company «Bati Ak Deniz», the pro-rectors of NTU “KhPI” Gennadiy Khrypunov and Magomediemin Gasanov, and Dmytriy Kudiy, dean of the Department for International Education.

According to Gennadiy Khrypunov, the pro-rector of KhPI, the Kharkiv Polytech managed to increase the number of Turkish students and improve the conditions for their education at the University thanks to the cooperation with the «Bati Ak Deniz» Company that has already been lasting for two years. “In 2019, more than 70 Turkish citizens entered the Preparatory department and the main departments of KhPI that give training in English. This year our cooperation is continued”, — said Gennadiy Khrypunov and he also added that KhPI plans to open other international centers, in particular, Chinese and Arab Centers.