The Kharkiv Polytechnic School Extends International Relations

The Problems of International Business in the Age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Industry 4.0 – that was the topic of the webinar initiated and managed by the academics and students, i.e. the participants of the educational program “International Business” realized by KhPI. Among the participants were Prof. Taras Danko, associate professors Nataliya Shyriaieva and Elena Chaikova and the students Antuanella Adamkevich and Elizaveta Semenko. This event rallied the fifty six representatives of the science, industry and business from all the continents of the world.

“The meeting organized by the representatives of polytechnic provided an opportunity for the like-minded people to see each other, to show their interest in further cooperation and define near-term prospects for 2021” noted Prof. Danko that acted as one of the managers of the International webinar.

According to him, more than 170 persons from Ukraine, the USA, India, Great Britain, Poland, Australia, Brazil and EU that represented the fifty three countries of the world took an interest in the suggested topic. The outcome of the online meeting was the formation of the team International Business 4.0 based on the Linkedin platform and the scheduling of a series of the topical workshops to be held in the future with the participation of international partners.

Please, visit to enjoy the webinar video.


The initiative of NTU ‘KhPI” was endorsed by the representatives of the leading worldwide companies, in particular: Tata Group, Deloitte, Rockwell Automation, Nissan Motor Corporation, Philip Morris International, KPMG, PwC, South Pointe Capital LLC.

The brought up topic was of interest  for the fourteen foreign Universities including The University of Manchester, California State University, Texas A&M University, University of Calgary, University of Auckland, University of Technology Sydney, Warsaw School of Economics, Durham University, University of Southern Denmark, Florida International University, Budapest Business School, Poznań University of Economics and Business, Vienna University of Economics and Business, University of Vaasa.