KhPI opens a window to the Europe: At the Start of the Ukrainian-Latvian cooperation

Ainārs Mežulis, attaché of the Embassy of Latvia to Ukraine in charge of economic issues paid a visit to the NTU “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute” throughout the period of September 22 to 23 to discuss possible fields of cooperation between the KhPI and Latvian Universities and the stages of the realization of this cooperation. At the end of the talks, the parties agreed on the initiation of the cooperation in the field of science and technology, in particular in the field of lightning arresters and the academic exchange between the KhPI and Latvian universities.  

The participants of the meeting were Yevgen Sokol, rector of the NTU “KhPI”, pro-rector for research of the NTU “KhPI” Andriy Marchenko, director of the Research and Design Institute “Molniya” or “Lightning” Sergij Burjakovskij, director of the Scientific Park of the NTU “KhPI” Yevgen Shapran and the chairman of the Coordination Council for Transport Infrastructure Innovations Andrij Smorodin.

“For us, Latvia will be the window that would allow us to enter the European Market. Our branch, i.e. Research and Design Institute “Molniya” is truly a unique research center dealing with the issues of electromagnetic compatibility, it has good amenities and actually all its standards were adapted to European norms. I believe that it would be reasonable to start our cooperation in this avenue. We also launched the academic program “Innovation Campus” that provides a conceptually new approach to the training of the specialists for the field of computer sciences and innovation technologies. Hence, we are ready for the interaction in the following two avenues, in particular science and applied research and also the education, in particular managing the joint activities of our scientists and students with Latvian colleagues. This process can be promoted through the proper management. Therefore, the Scientific Park of the KhPI will serve as an intermediate link between Latvian Universities and our University”, — said Yevgen Sokol, rector of the NTU “KhPI”.

According to Ainārs Mežulis, attaché of the Embassy of Latvia to Ukraine in charge of economic issues, the government of his country is interested in the extended circle of scientific and business partners and in the financing of the projects relating to the fields of biomedicine, IT, etc. “I will do my best to establish the research platform between Latvia and Ukraine. To attain this goal, we need to find common grounds between the scientists of KhPI and Latvia to promote joint research activities and originate startups. I believe that Riga Polytechnic Institute and scientific academies that do research in physics, chemistry and IT technologies can be mobilized around our common problems. Later on, certain agencies and other partners can be involved into appropriate research activities. In such a way, it will be easier for us to move on” — noted Ainārs Mežulis. He also spoke on the structures that can provide support, in particular investment agencies that finance European programs in new research fields and the so-called “business-angels” can also invest their funds into ambitious projects, if they see the prospects.

Within the framework of the visit to the Kharkiv Polytech, an excursion was organized for the representative of the Embassy of the Latvian Republic to Ukraine, so that he could see the University Campus and visit the Start-up Center “Spark” and the Research and Design Institute “Molniya” of the KhPI.