Foreign citizens will be able to enrol at KhPI remotely

National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute” creates its representative offices in Turkey, China, Nigeria, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and other countries. The goal is to provide foreign citizens with the opportunity to enrol remotely at the first year of study to KhPI, and to resume their studies at the university if they did not graduate for various reasons. An education at the Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute will be available remotely.

The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine approved the corresponding document: “The procedure for admission to study for higher education in 2022“. According to it, foreign students will be able to enrol at the university not only in Ukraine, but also remotely, and education can be online, too. To do this, universities enter into an agreement with an organization that is a resident of the applicant’s country to provide a number of services. In particular, we are talking about the identification of the person and verification his original documents of the applicant, the organization of the acceptance of applications in electronic form, the provision of premises and technical means for conducting consultations and entrance examinations by the university remotely.

Thus, today KhPI creates its representative offices in Turkey, China, Nigeria, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Lebanon and other countries. Contracts have already been concluded with seven foreign companies: Bati Akdeniz (Turkey), Everest Anismanlik (Turkey), Safinea Ltd (Nigeria), Hangzhou Dingying Foreign Educational Services Co., Ltd (China), Zhejiang Xipei Education Technology Co., Ltd (China). Ogharit Travel (Lebanon), LLC Inter Bridge Education (Azerbaijan).

Foreigners who have an invitation to study from NTU “KhPI” can participate in remote admission. To get the invitation, you need to send a copy of education documents and a copy of your passport to the official e-mail of NTU “KhPI”: