More than three hundred Polytechnics-Foreigners received a Bachelor Degree during the war

326 foreign students of the National Technical University “KhPI” from thirty countries of the world received a Bachelor’s degree. The defense of the diploma work and the passing of qualification exams took place online in English and Ukrainian. Ten foreign students defended the diploma work on “excellent.”

The Bachelor’s degree in the “KhPI” was received by representatives from Turkey, Nigeria, Congo, Turkmenistan, Cameroon, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Lebanon, Vietnam, Mongolia, Cot-D’Ivuar and other countries. Ten foreign students defended the diploma work on “excellent”.

According to Dmitrii Kudii, director of the Educational and Scientific Institute of International Education of NTU “KhPI”, many talented and successful people are among the graduates. Thus, Orifjonov Akobirkhon is 8-time champion of Uzbekistan, 2-nd World Champion and Master of Sports of International Class in Thai Boxing (Muai-Tha). While studying in the KhPI, he helped to prepare a team of students of university, who won the Kharkiv Open Championship in this kind of sport. His purpose is to develop a mobile fitness tracker for calorie counting and a website for training in your gym. And in this, according to the young man, he will be helped by knowledge of computer engineering, obtained from NTU “KhPI”. Cheri Zakaria already has practical skills in the development of various programs for social networks. He has created a website in English and a blog with news for foreign students in the specialty “Computer Engineering”. After graduation, Mamedov Magsat plans to work as an engineer at Turkmenistan’s gas company, and Geldiyev Mekan is going to stay in Kharkiv and continue working in the automotive industry, where computer modeling and virtual tests are increasingly used when creating physical prototypes.

“We sincerely congratulate our foreign graduates on this significant event! We wish you to choose the way that will lead to the earliest professional success and financial well-being. May life open all opportunities before you! I am sure that most of you will join the ranks of our Masters and continue their education in your Alma mater — Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute! May peace come faster! Glory to KhPI! Glory to Ukraine!”, — said Professor Yevgen Sokol, the rector of NTU “KhPI.”