NTU «KhPI» is in focus of the American magazine «VOX»

The senior reporter of the American magazine «VOX» Jen Kirby made a series of online interviews with the leadership of NTU «KhPI»: Rector Yevgen Sokol, vice-rector Magomediemin Gasanov and head of physical education department Oleksiy Yushko. Kharkiv polytechnics talked about how the university works in the conditions of russian military aggression — about the restoration of destroyed and damaged buildings, damages, student education, development and plans for the future.

Interview participants said that an important issue for NTU «KhPI» today is the restoration of university buildings and study buildings that were destroyed or damaged as a result of russian military aggression against Ukraine. All this time, Kharkiv, like the whole country, suffers from rocket attacks and bomb attacks. Rector of NTU «KhPI» Yevgen Sokol noted that despite the military conditions, the university is developing and conducting classes. It was also talked about the Military Institute of Tank Troops of NTU «KhPI» and the social status of students in the conditions of martial law, about the human losses of the university — dead students and teachers.

National Technical University «Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute» also fased with large-scale destruction of buildings. One of them is the sports complex «Polytech». The vice-rector of NTU «KhPI» Magomediemin Gasanov and the head of  physical education department, Oleksiy Yushko shared their memories of this terrible event, told how much money, according to preliminary calculations, is needed to restore the building. Jen Kirby was also interested in how students and staff reacted to the situation with the destruction of the sports complex, how they now work and train.

The American senior reporter noted that in her article she wants to draw the attention of as many people as possible to the problem of the destruction of the NTU «KhPI» sports complex, the university and Kharkiv in general. In a conversation with Kharkiv Polytechnics, Jen Kirby mentioned that she loves basketball very much, and in connection with this, she received an invitation from the vice-rector of  NTU «KhPI» Magomediemin Gasanov to visit Kharkiv and watch the Polytechnic university basketball team play. He also promised to give a pennant of this team, for which the destroyed sports complex was a home.


The senior reporter of the American magazine «VOX» Jen Kirby made an interview with the leaders of NTU «KhPI» in an online format. The conversation took place over several days — April 3 and 6, 2023.

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