We will see the blossom of Ukraine in Europe: Outstanding scientists of the world — at the MicroCAD-2023 conference at KhPI

NTU «KhPI» organized the XXXI International scientific and practical conference «Information Technologies: Science, Engineering, Technology, Education, Health (Micro CAD-2023)». It was held online from the 17th to the 20th of May. Despite the difficult conditions associated with the war in Ukraine, the event aroused interest and united almost 3.000 scientists, teachers, students, postgraduate students, and specialists from twenty countries of the world. The honorary speaker of the plenary session was a Laureate of the Nobel Prize, experimental physicist, and NIST employee at the USA National Institute of Standards and Technology, Professor William D. Phillips. In total, participants worked in twelve major sections, from energy and electronics to medical sciences and national security.

The MicroCAD-2023 conference was opened by the rector of NTU «KhPI», a corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, a laureate of the State Prize for Science and Technology, a laureate of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine named after S.O. Lebedev, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Yevgen Sokol. He thanked all the participants of the event, especially foreign scientists for their support: «The holding of this conference proves that KhPI lives and works to solve scientific problems of the present and future! Alarm signals sound every day in Kharkiv, the city and the region are constantly shelled. Therefore, support from the international world scientific community, scientists, and leading universities of the world is very important for Kharkiv Polytechnic. This allows the university to hold on and is an important factor for our stable work, confidence, and invincibility» Rector Yevgen SOKOL noted. After the introductory speech, Professor Yevgen Sokol gave a speech «Integration of the National Technical University «Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute» to the European and international Educational and Scientific space».

Among the honorary speakers of the plenary session was the Laureate of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1997, experimental physicist, Emeritus Professor of the University of Maryland, Emeritus Leader of the Laser Cooling and Capture Group, and NIST employee at the USA National Institute of Standards and Technology, a researcher at the NIST Joint Quantum Institute and UMD Professor William D. Phillips. He presented the report «The Quantum Reform of the International System of Units». In his speech, the professor noted that it was an honor for him to speak at MicroCAD-2023. «Exploration science and technology in the midst of Russia’s ongoing and brutal war against Ukraine! Students, who continue their education! Teachers, who teach the next generation, explore and strive to make the world a better place through scientific discovery! The incredible bravery in the defense of their sovereignty, territorial integrity and democracy, courage and perseverance of Ukrainians are truly inspiring», – emphasized American professor William D. Phillips.

The rector of the Rhine-Westphalia University of Technology Aachen (Germany), Professor Ulrich Rüdiger, delivered a video greeting on the topic «MicroCAD: Scientific and educational cooperation between two technical universities: RWTH Aachen and NTU «KhPI». He talked about the connections between Ukraine and Germany, cooperation between universities, and assistance to Kharkiv Polytechnics. These include, in particular, medicines and medical equipment, IT equipment, and support for digital learning. In addition, there is an agreement between the universities on the exchange of students who are studying computer technologies. The main idea is to allow Ukrainian students to join the Rhine-Westphalia Technical University of Aachen. So, 12 candidates have already been selected, who are studying under the Innovation Campus program of NTU «KhPI». The selection took into account foreign language skills (English and German at the B2 level) and the success of studying a specialty in the first distance learning course at KhPI. Rector of RWTH Ulrich Rüdiger noted that in the future there is a possibility to expand the cooperation to Master’s and PhD degrees.

MicroCAD-2023 participants heard another video greeting from the vice-rector for scientific work of the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium), a specialist in the field of Earth and environmental sciences, Professor Gerard Hovers. He spoke about international cooperation between universities. In particular, Professor Hovers noted that the University of Leuven cooperates with the Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute in the areas of student exchange and in the field of science. However, nowadays, because of the war, exchange programs are carried out unilaterally. Many Ukrainian students, including from Kharkiv Polytechnics, are currently studying in Belgium, at the Catholic University of Leuven, but Professor Hovers hopes that students from Leuven will be able to go to Ukraine again. «Our main goal is to teach these students who came from KhPI to the University of Leuven. We really hope that they will master this knowledge and will use it in the future for the recovery and development of Ukraine. It is important to us. Europe is incomplete without Ukraine, and that’s why we believe that the situation will normalize and we will see the blossom of Ukraine in Europe». He emphasized that European countries really need to be united, exchange connections in science, engineering, technology, and other areas of human life, learn from each other, help, progress, and support the development of various benefits of European society. According to the professor, now society is rapidly developing again under the influence of science and technology, which scientists are trying to create and develop further and further. And the main task of scientists is to consider what significance these inventions have for society, and what the greatest benefit a person can get from the development of these technologies.

MicroCAD_2023 – Rector Sokol
William D. Phillips
Euratom programme presentation_Sergii Pugach

Serhiy Pugach, the coordinator of the National Contact Point of Euratom in Ukraine, and an employee of the National Scientific Center «Kharkiv Physical and Technical Institute» of the NAS of Ukraine, also gave a speech at the plenary session of the MicroCAD-2023 conference. The topic of his presentation: «The Evratom Program: integration of the Ukrainian Scientific and educational community into the European research space for Nuclear and thermonuclear research and Training».

In general, the participants of MicroCAD-2023 were almost 3.000 scientists, teachers, and specialists from 11 regions of Ukraine and 20 countries of the world: USA, Germany, Poland, Belgium, China, Hungary, Turkey, Slovakia, Bulgaria, India, Romania, Poland, Greece, Morocco, Sudan, Yemen, Lebanon, and others. They worked in 12 large sections of the following areas: energy, electronics, and electromechanics; actual issues of mechanical engineering and transport; computer modeling, applied physics and mathematics; chemical technologies and engineering; economics, management, and international business; medical sciences; international technical education; social and humanitarian technologies; computer science and information technology; near-Earth space. Radiophysics and ionosphere; electromagnetic resistance; military sciences, national security, security of the state border.

More details about the conference:  https://web.kpi.kharkov.ua/microcad/



Professor William D. Phillips is not the first Nobel Laureate which was participated in the MicroCAD conference. In 2022, Nobel Laureate in Physics, Professor of Princeton University Frederick Duncan Michael Haldane, delivered a speech at the plenary session of the conference.

Organizers of MicroCAD: National Technical University «Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute» (Ukraine), Miskolc University (Hungary), Magdeburg University named after Otto von Gerike (Germany), Sofia University «St. Kliment Ohridski» (Bulgaria), Warsaw and Poznań Polytechnics (Poland), Petroshani University (Romania).

The initiators of the international conference organization were the scientists of NTU «KhPI» and Miskolc University still from 1993. Since then, the event has transformed into an international scientific forum, within which approximately three thousand scientists and young scientists from all over the world discuss global problems of the development of human civilization every year.